Healing the Womb and Connecting to the Divine Feminine Within

Last year I became really interested in womb healing…

I had been searching for someone to pass on the 13th Munay Ki Rite, the Rite of the Womb – wishing to go deeper into this mystery powerhouse of feminine energy.

Munay Ki Rites should always be passed on in person, as requested by the Quecha people that gifted them to us.  I couldn’t find someone to pass on the rite – the connection just wasn’t there so I let it be for the time being trusting the universe would perfectly time everything.  In the meantime I worked with sacred cacao to start to “unpack” years of suppressed energy within my womb.

To be blunt everything really kicked off when I attended a sacred shamanic ceremony with Shipibo shamans in Mallorca in January 2018.  Wow!  The pain being released from my womb and sacral chakra was immense and it lasted for hours.  I was told I was releasing years of suppressed emotion and karma, not just my own but other peoples I had carried with me into this lifetime.  I was also guided to stop the only pharmaceutical I was on at the time – I think you can guess what that is.  Once I returned home I continued to work with the Kambo and Cacao and listened intently to any messages given to me.  One message was that I was now allowing my womb to be free in its natural state, I was no longer suppressing the energy there and this would release my full potential and divine power as a woman!


Suddenly I was connected through a friend of a friend (you know how it goes) to a lovely lady who was happy to give me the Rite of the Womb incorporated into a day of ceremony to work on healing the womb.  Jayne is a registered Moon Mother and has years of experience as a womb healer, she gives womb blessings and holds womb healing ceremonies.  I organised a small group of us to visit Jayne and what an amazing day it was.  I knew at this point that I had to have the massive clearing with the Shipibo shamans to then fully accept the Rite of the Womb and be able to pass it onto others.  It was divinely timed!

In that group we felt a beautiful sisterhood.  We laughed, we cried, we hugged, we gave each other space to allow our process and Jayne held the sacred space beautifully.  She also gave us a very deep and powerful womb healing individually.  We were all together comfortably as women, no judgement, no envy, no victims, no more suppressing our pain.   We were free to literally let rip.  We spoke about our feelings, our experiences, our anger, our sadness.  The energy was very deep.  We felt as sisters.


And as with all rites, initiations, transmissions and attunements now the work really begins.  We do not get healed just from receiving a rite or attunement, yes this can help a release or imbalance but we have to integrate energetic medicine for it to fully work its magic.  There are specific requests to follow after receiving the rite of the womb but real healing comes not just from a monthly ritual but from putting into practice all that we have learned about ourselves.  WE have to CHANGE.

We have to let suppressed emotions arise, we have to deal with conflict instead of hiding from it.  We have to stop people pleasingWe have to learn to say NO and not feel guilty about it.  We have to take time for self-care.  We have to realise our full potential and live it.  We have to stop living through the eyes and control of others.  We have to stop living through our children.  We are our own fresh start.  Womb healing gives us a chance to be reborn.


With womb healing we also connect to our feminine ancestral line.  This is something I’ve been working on for a while and have been helping others through my Ancestral Healing Workshop.  We can connect with our mother, grandmother, great grandmothers and so on.  We can heal any ancestral patterns of energy that have come down the female line and stop them here right now before they get passed onto other females in our family.  Isn’t that amazing?  We can heal our relationships with our mothers and with our daughters.  We can also work with the “mother wound”, the deepest of wounds.  We can go back into past lives were we were mistreated, abused or worse for being a woman, being a woman with healing skills such as a midwife or medicine woman or being accused as a witch.  There is another blog to write just in this paragraph alone!

You are never too young or to old to receive womb healing.  Coming together with your sisters is a beautiful thing.  If you would like to attend a womb healing ceremony with me (which will include the rite of the womb, womb healing and energetic transmissions and meditations – maybe art therapy and cacao for further work) I will be holding these full day ceremonies later on in the year.




angbio1Hey there I am Angela Sessions, Reiki Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher, Mum and Full time carer.  I am passionate about the earth, animals, crystals, plants, people.  I enjoy writing these blogs from time to time to share my thoughts and feelings.  Remember its just my point of view!  Hope you enjoyed the read and thanks for taking a few minutes of your day to engage, much appreciated.

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Bring in the Bee Medicine for Summer Solstice

I’ve decided to focus on bee spirit medicine for our Reiki share tonight.  I have always loved working with bee medicine – here are some insights into what its all about and my own experiences with bee medicine!

Firstly a bee in itself is a miraculous thing.  Technically speaking it shouldn’t be able to fly …yet it does.  Not only does it fly but it literally rockets around with such gusto you cannot but admire it, unless you have a fear of bees (more on that later).  Bee therefore reminds us of the power of miracles. Miracles happen, ask, what is their to lose?

Bee is a beautiful symbol of abundance.  They work hard all day and their reward is the beautiful rich honey they make.  Ethical beekeepers leave some honey for the bees when they take from the hive.  We can give thanks to the bees every time we use a bee product, wether that’s honey or a beeswax candle.  Think of all the hours the bee worked to provide that for you and send gratitude from your heart to the bees of the world! When we send out the energy of gratitude we also attract more abundance!  Honey has amazing health benefits, nutritional and beauty focused. I like to take bee pollen when I want to connect with bee, this is packed with amino acids.  It is so nutritional it has been said you could live off bee pollen alone!  What a wonderful gift from these amazing creatures.


Bee teaches us about community and teamwork.  When we work together we can work in peace.  The way of peace benefits everyone on the planet.  When you are feeling lonely, isolated or lost you can ask bee spirit to help you find your tribe, your community.

Bee reminds us of the sweetness of life.  If you are generally feeling down in the dumps or even suffer from depression or anxiety you can call in bee spirit to bring more joy into your life.  Ask for its happy energy, bringing in the beautiful yellows to uplift your solar plexus chakra, the centre of your personal power, self-esteem and confidence.  On the theme of colour you can also ask for the black energy in its stripes to energise your root chakra (the secondary colour being black) to give you more physical energy and to keep you grounded.

Bee reminds us that even though we may need to work we also need to stop once in a while to smell the flowers so to speak.  When a bee becomes exhausted it is very vulnerable.  Just last week I found an exhausted bee in my dads house.  I picked it up carefully and gave it sugar water on a spoon to drink.  I was in awe as I watched it drink and then after a few minutes fly away.  We need to learn to stop and rest before we go into this vulnerable state, and if not who can we find to nurture us, give us the sugar water.

Bee is essential to the world.  Einstein predicted that humans would die out in 4 years if bees became extinct.  They are important for cross pollination and the growing of crops.  Bees are sadly endangered due to pesticides, climate change and habitat loss.  We need to do all we can to protect them.  Please do not destroy a bee hive in your garden, bees are not wanting to harm you – they just want to live and be part of their community.  A bee will only sting if it comes under threat or if the hive is under threat.  As we know once a bee has stung it will die.  This shows amazing self-sacrifice and a need to protect what it values.  If you are campaigning to protect the environment or animals, maybe a person treated unjustly then call in bee medicine to help you with these challenges.

Some people are afraid of bees, usually because they have been stung or as a learnt behaviour.  I would suggest you look at bees as a possible shadow animal spirit.  This means that bee reflects something in you, in your shadow self that needs to be faced or healed.  Is there an imbalance in your life in belonging, family, justice, career, enjoying life, believing in a greater power/faith?


Regarding my own experiences I find that bee gives me messages about what is to come or even acknowledgement of what has happened.  When I applied for Come Dine With Me (tv show) last year I remember I was waiting for the producer to arrive at my home for a video interview.  As I sat there waiting I asked aloud was I going to get through the audition process and immediately in response a huge bee flew into my patio doors literally banging on the door and buzzing loudly!  I actually told the producer about my sign from nature – I got through.  Synchronicity occurred when I found out the sound guy who I was working with all week when recording the show was a beekeeper!

Just recently I attended a womb healing ceremony and received the 13th Munay Ki Rite – the rite of the womb.  It was just as I got to my dads house after this that I tended to the exhausted bee!  Within a couple of days my friend who had also attended the ceremony was rescuing a bee with sugar water to!  It turns out that bee often visits people after they have attended a womb healing ceremony.  Bee is very connected to the Goddess.  Throughout history since the Neolithic period references have been made to the connection between the bee and the goddess.  Goddesses such as Freya, Brahmari Devi and Anatolian to name a few.

Bee is linked to the sun, happy joyful, warming and sustaining energies.  The honeycomb with its beautiful geometric shapes is a beautiful manifestation of sacred geometry and is linked to the heart chakra. The buzzing of a bee uplifts me, it feels like an OHM bee style!  It reminds us of the importance of sound and vibration in healing and manifestation.

Ive been directed to some wonderful music, free if you have Amazon Prime called Hymns from the Hive.  Here is a link to a podcast on Bee Priestesses.

Tonight I will be doing some meditation with bee energy and we will also ask the bee to channel its energy through us during our Reiki practice, incorporating colour and sound.  Why not try incorporating bee energy into your life today!

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Photos by Felicia Hallenbeck, Simon Matzinger and Thomas Jorn.



Angela Sessions has been studying holistic health and shamanism for over 20 years. She works from her home in Derby, England working with clients to help them live life as their beautiful authentic selves. Angela runs workshops, courses and ceremonies on Reiki, Art Therapies, Crystal Healing, Shamanism, Angels, Plant Spirit Medicine and the Fae.
Angela is passionate about access for all and has worked with charitable organisations to bring holistic wellness into the community. She is passionate about animals and the environment and would like to deepen our spiritual connection with the Earth so we can fully appreciate our guardianship of this amazing planet.

Bringing out your Inner Hermit

Well what can I say – what a rollercoaster ride its been since August!!

I don’t know about you but for me the energy has been chaotic.  I have been calling it “the make up or break up” period.  Here is my personal reflection of the energy over the last few months.

Full moon in Leo – argghhhhh

Being a Leo myself I found this particularly difficult.  I felt very angry (which is not like me).  I found myself wanting to stifle the anger but I couldn’t I had to let it come out in a healthy way.

From August it seemed like there was drama everywhere.  The energy seemed to be bringing the worst out in people , even the nicest people.  I think the universe was making us have a full on purge – even if we didn’t want to.  I have seen trolling, name calling, mis-assumptions, bad judgement, manipulation, envy…the list goes on.  I felt these feelings rising up in myself.   However I felt a very strong urge for JUSTICE.  That’s a word to be careful with, when does justice go sour and become revenge?  When does justice become a lack of compassion towards others?

One day I went into full blown Wonder Woman mode (wearing the t-shirt kinda did it)

wonder woman

I saw a hit and run involving 2 cars directly in front of me!  As one sped off I literally chased him in my car till he pulled over at which point I casually rolled down my window to advise him to go back to the scene for “insurance purposes” ahem.  Oh that felt good.

Concerning the beautiful image of Linda Carter above, hasn’t it felt a bit like we are breaking out of a prison.  The past few months have been quite painful as layers have literally been torn not peeled from us.  We have had no choice but to suck it up!  Its been good to see peaceful resolutions in some cases but the recent Full Moon in Taurus has been an indicator if things are going to be better or even worse.  All I can say is use everything here and now to LEARN – let it help you grow into a wiser and stronger person.  As people throw these things at you, these challenges catch them and say “Thank you for teaching me…..”  For teaching me unconditional love, patience, resilience, loyalty….


Photo by Ksenia Makagon.

Use these opportunities to learn, journaling is especially good for these challenging times.  Take time to meditate, try and centre and bring some serenity back into your life.  Read.  I have cut down my work this month, this came after a decision to have time off in December…..


Yes, yes, yes lets do it.  This is what we are supposed to do in the Winter!!!  We are supposed to rest, conserve our energy, recuperate after the hectic summer months.  Spend quality time with loved ones.  Catch up on reading, watching films/documentaries.  Walking out in Nature.  Drawing into the Creative reservoir so we are ready to unleash a whole new being in the Spring full of amazing ideas.  On the potentially more boring side its also a good time to sort out admin/ declutter, all those jobs you’ve been putting off.  Oh but you can dress your house nicely for Yule.

elijah-hail-182443Photo by Elijah Hail

I am going to walk my talk, with only 2 work events in December I am going to rest, (minus work) and play.  I am going to socialise with friends, yes lets make time for meals out with friends!  In early January after a lovely New Years stay at Glastonbury I am sure I will be bursting with inspiration to get some new workshops written.  I also have plans to have a deep healing in December (but more about that in another future blog).

So here I am asking you to consider working with the seasons (obviously we are in the Northern Hemisphere here).  As nature goes into a deep slumber lets just have a moment of rest and experience the joy and gratitude of family and the abundance, blessings and love we have around us.



Hello I am Angela Sessions, founder of Reiki Star. I strive to be authentic in life and help to bring out the potential and brilliance I see in others.  Shine your Light!



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Spiritual Book Review – Jaguar in the Body, Butterfly in the Heart by Ya’acov Darling Khan

This book came to my attention through an email from one of my coaches Jocelyn Mercado who like Ya’Acov is a member of the Pachamamma Alliance.  By pre-ordering his book from Amazon you could also receive a free mini “healing with the drum” online course.  I pre-ordered to make use of this offer.

The course itself was useful and informative.  I already use a shamanic healing drum but still picked up a couple of useful pointers.  The videos were a good way of getting to know Ya’Acov, to see who he was and the philosophy he had.  I usually get a feel about someone by their voice, and know then if our energies blend well together.  Anybody else like that?  Even though the videos obviously help in the promotion and sale of the book I was still grateful for it.  It gave me a sense that this person was genuine and freely offered knowledge and wisdom in return for the purchase of his book which many other authors do not offer.

As soon as I read the first few pages I was hooked.  I really enjoyed reading this book.  Firstly the artwork on the cover is visually stunning and really appealing.  A fairly large book with thick white high quality paper it is divided into 4 sections with a foreword and epilogue plus useful references at the back.

It was fascinating to read Ya’Acov’s 30 year journey into shamanism and as he rightly points out becoming a shaman isn’t a weekend job or a title you bestow upon yourself.  Its an honour given to you by an elder and the community after many years of study, practise, initiation and energy medicine.

He talks openly and honestly about his relationships with his partner, friends and teachers.  He lays bare his shadow self, his own imperfections and also his unhealthy co-dependent relationships with others including a teacher which prevented him from moving on.  Finally he and his wife Susannah created Movement Medicine and were free to develop their own form of expressive energy medicine, blending shamanic techniques and wisdom he had learned from different tribes and elders.


Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan, photo sourced from Waldhaus Zentrum

After reading this book I would be interested in going on one of Ya’Acov’s courses because I got a good “vibe” from his book about what he and Susannah his wife are teaching.  I would strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in shamanism, energy medicine or people who just like to read real life stories.

The title of the book comes from a message he heard from the Spirits of the Amazon Rainforest while he was there after doing a “marathon” 4 hours of shamanic healing on members of the local community.  He was giving gratitude for what had just occurred when he heard them say

“Jaguar in the Body,

Butterfly in the Heart Ya’Acov”

which is about melding the dynamic supreme forces of the Jaguar energy with the sensitive subtleties of the Butterfly.



Read the book, I don’t think you will be disappointed!



Hey there, I’m Angela Sessions founder of Reiki Star. I like to write blogs on anything of spiritual or healing interest.  I’m a full blown earth loving pixie with an 11 year old wizard and tai chi loving hubby.  I’ve been teaching and practising Arts Therapies and energy medicine such as Reiki and crystal healing for around 20 years.  I’m a shamanic practitioner and teacher constantly learning and growing.  May all life on earth be treated with fairness, respect, love and dignity.




Equine Assisted Therapy, bringing horse spirit medicine into the 3D World.

So I wanted to learn more about Equine Assisted therapy (EAT) and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and it just so happens one of my Reiki and Shamanic Students is a qualified therapist.  She invited me to meet the horses, her healing team…

Dr Nichola Marchant would have been a rare find a few years ago, but now we find Doctors not only working with Western medicine but embracing energy medicine to!  The best of both worlds, working in a truly holistic way is surely the way forward in medicine and healing.

My son Jed aged 11 and myself went to meet her horses…

Nichola has 6 horses to work with and it was awesome to meet all the horses and experience their different energies and personalities.  There was definitely some faery energy and unicorn energy working through the horses, that was very apparent.  My son Jed has never shown a big interest in horses but I have always thought due to his gentle nature that he would enjoy working with or riding horses.  He absolutely loved them and a chipnic in the car (open wrapped chips and gravy picnic) on the way home was the cherry on top.  His words were “this evening has been brilliant!”.

The horses are super friendly often nibbling on any item of clothing that takes their fancy and they especially loved my walking stick.  However they like to introduce themselves in their own time and I feel the horses that particularly want to work with you or “vibe” with your energy stay close, often scraping a foot on the floor or giving a gentle nudge for comforting contact.  Unfortunately I react when my skin comes into contact with the horses but I just wore leather gloves so I could still stroke them.  There is always a way LOL.

IMG_2322 (2)The horses have a very calming effect and I can understand how they help therapeutically.

Horses are very good at reading a person’s energy – how they are feeling emotionally, mentally and physically.  They can do this because they have evolved from being prey animals in a herd – they have had to develop skills at reading the energy of their own herd members but also the body language of other animals in order to survive.  You cannot hide anything from a horse!

They can assist you in so many ways

  • On a physical level they can help build fitness and confidence especially among riders with disabilities, providing wonderful sensory experiences for people with learning disabilities or with physical disability.
  • On an emotional level they provide comfort and reassurance.  They allow us to express ourselves with no judgement, animals love unconditionally.
  • On a mental level they help us to reveal behavioural patterns that could be causing problems and provide tools for change.
  • On a spiritual level they help us connect back to nature (there is a lot of nature-deficit-disorder currently!).  They help us to realise that everything on the planet is connected.  Working with the horses also develops your own skills at reading body language and the environment, I should think they expand your self awareness and emotional intelligence.


I work with horse spirit when I shamanic journey, she helps me to travel to and through the different levels of the shamanic cosmos.  I ride on her back or run alongside her, my trusty companion.

Horse spirit medicine symbolises mastery over yourself, harnessing natural forces and therefore living our life purpose.  They stand for independence and freedom (which is why they are often associated with travel, but not necessarily travel in the 3rd dimensional realm).  They represent the phenomenal power of the mind, body, spirit connection.  Their medicine helps us find trust in relationships and aids us in serving self and others.

To work with horses I think is a very special gift and to anyone like Dr Nichola Marchant I say thank you for offering service to heal others through your own connection to your horses.

You can find out more about Dr Marchant’s services HERE she is based in Derbyshire, UK.



Hello I am Angela Sessions of Reiki Star.  I like to consider myself a Spiritual Warrior in this game of Life. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.  I am no expert on horses and like to keep my posts informative and light hearted.  I also like to honour the spirit animals I work with whenever possible so this blog is dedicated to my spirit horse.

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Spiritual book review – A Shaman’s Miraculous Tools for Healing by Alberto Villoldo

After my last 2 outings with Rebecca Campbell’s books I thought it was time to return to Alberto!  I recently did a review on One Spirit Medicine, I read Shaman Healer Sage a while back before I was writing these reviews so will have to revisit that at some point.  I have also started Alberto Villoldo’s book “Illumination – The Shamans Way of Healing”.  Personally I like to group authors books together when reading.  I feel like I get used to their style of writing for one, we all have to adapt to each writer…. Also its easier to tell when people are regurgitating the same stuff with a fancy new cover more easily.

alberto.jpgPhoto from onespiritmedicine.com

Author Anne E. O’Neill wrote this book in collaboration with Villoldo.  She interviewed many of his clients and then chose some of their stories for the book.  Each clients story of illness and wellness is a different chapter and I am happy to say there was a lot of variety.  The book was very easy to understand and digest for me as I have knowledge of the techniques he is talking about such as soul retrieval, energy extraction and illumination.  If you have never experienced these types of healing before or have an understanding about them then I think you would be missing an important dimension to this book.   Therefore I would suggest you learn some basics on shamanism and the healing techniques before you dive into this one.

I read this book very quickly, within a few days which is good for me ha ha.  I just enjoyed it so much I picked it up at every opportunity.  As a shamanic practitioner myself who uses these techniques and understands clients on these energetic levels it is lovely to read case studies and also the outcomes from their treatments with Alberto.  I would class this as an enjoyable book rather than a deep learning book like some of his others which take time to digest.

rattleHe wrote about how he used his rattle going into a trance like state to explore his clients luminous energy field.  Some of you may know this in its more common term as aura.

Pictured is my deerskin rattle that I made a few years ago, filled with crystal beads for that extra touch of healing energy and I painted it with the butterfly, a symbol of transformation and rebirth, the soul.

The rattle calls in the spirits, creates sacred space, and changes the brainwaves to a delta state to create a trance like state.


One thing I was so joyous to read was one comment he had made about how he often felt tired after giving a treatment – hallelujah!  I often feel a little tired after giving a full on one hour shamanic healing session with medicine extraction and soul retrieval!  In fact I make a point to have a maximum of 2 clients a day.  A couple of years ago I had another shamanic practitioner comment to me that I must be doing healing ‘wrong’ if I felt tired afterwards.  That I was holding onto their energies and not clearing myself properly.  Let me correct you Miss Judgy, number one –  everyone works differently so don’t compare yourself and how you work to others.  Number two –  I do clear myself and my client thoroughly afterwards and top up our energies.  Number three –  as I work on them I also heal myself (as we are all connected) and heighten my own vibrations bringing on a natural detox.  Number four – dimensional travel is hard work, not just on sustaining concentration but sitting still especially when you have a back problem.  Oh so glad to get that off my chest hee hee.

I’m also trying to work out if the lovely Marcela in one of the chapters was the lovely lady who became his wife.  Holler at me in the comments if you know the answer to that one guys!


Here are just some of the tools I work with, white sage, sweetgrass, yerba santa and palo santo with my beautiful eagle owl feather from next doors owl sanctuary.  (Get in touch if you would like to buy an owl feather – all proceeds go to the charity).

In a nutshell I thoroughly enjoyed this book, easy reading however good to have knowledge of the shamans perspective on the cosmos, illness/wellness and shamanic

healing techniques prior to reading for more enjoyment.



Hello, just me again.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read this book review!

I’m a wifey and carer for my hubby Mike, mum to Jed and pack leader to Luna. I live in Derby, UK.

I have been practising the shamanic arts now for 20 years.  I’m an arts therapist, Reiki teacher, angel healer and shamanic practitioner/teacher. And .. if you are admiring that beautiful scarf on my head its alpaca wool hand crocheted by alpaca tribe owner Leigh at Whistling Duck Alpacas.

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Spiritual book review – Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell

Following on from reading Light is the New Black I dove straight into Rise Sister Rise by the same author Rebecca Campbell.

At first I was thinking “Mmmm I think I preferred the other one” but as I continued I did start to get into the flow of this book and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Congratulations Rebecca you managed to write another book without repeating lots of content from the first which I find happens with many authors such as Doreen Virtue.  There was only a tiny amount of repetition from the first book and it was only because it was necessary to explain a concept or idea.


For me this book was UPLIFTING.  I had heard some of the ideas in this book from Clare Dubois founder of TreeSisters who did mention this book in her free full moon meditations.

The idea that as women we have been squashed for want of a better word by patriarchy.  That we remember the “burning times” were many women were put to death on suspicion of witchcraft and from that time deep within our psyche comes a mistrust of other women (as it was often other women who pointed the finger at each other to avert torture or death themselves).

Rebecca writes about her experience at the White Springs in Glastonbury which caught my attention as Glastonbury is one of my favourite places in the world…I am always going on about it.  Her friends provide a healing ritual for her in this sacred space.


Rebecca explains how we can best work with our own rhythms including our menstrual cycle and the four seasons.  She also goes into her own personal stories, I especially like the one she explains about her nan and finding something out about her own family, a very beautiful story she hadn’t known before.

There is some amazing poetry in this book!  There are the odd few quotes by others but Rebecca definitely had inspiration and serious channelling skills for this one!

She was so committed

To what was

Rising in Her.

That a part of Her.


And was





Stunning pieces like this one above throughout the book.

As in Light is the New Black she gives food for thought questions at the end of each chapter such as “How can you honour your human body more? How can you let yourself be more fully seen?”.  Plus lots of useful mantras;

I allow myself to be held by the strength of those who came before me.

I never ever walk alone.

This book like the previous is beautifully presented with a lush cover, concise easy to read chapters and large font.  The main aim of the book is to inspire women to rise up, take hold of their feminine power and shine that light out into the Universe to heal not only the Divine Feminine but to heal and balance the Divine Masculine as well.  This is not a man-bashing book.

Great read, good for beginners but also an interesting read for the more experienced spiritual adventurer.

Featured image from rebeccacampbell.me, all other photos my own.



My name is Angela Sessions, ‘Ive been travelling the spiritual path for 20 years plus! I am a mum, full time carer for hubby and self employed as an Energy Medicine Healer and Teacher.  You can check me out at Reiki Star.  I offer courses and healing sessions in person and distantly.  I run spiritual retreats in Glastonbury with a new retreat this year in Northern Ireland.  Join me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

Spiritual Book Review – Light is the New Black

I first heard Rebecca Campbell on a podcast, I think it may have been a Hay House podcast.  I remember thinking to myself “I like what this lady has to say”.  I had clients who were reading her book Rise Sister Rise which followed Light is the New Black.  I decided to buy both and I’ve just finished the latter.


Firstly I love the cover and layout of this book.  The cover design is simplistic, it feels clean and gives off a pure energy.  The cover material is also very tactile with a lovely feel.  The pages are a crisp white with large clear font and short sections that can be read in just a couple of minutes…if I had 5 minutes spare before a client arrived I picked up this book.  I personally love books that make it easier for the reader to digest in nuggets of wisdom and its easy on the eyes.  I had originally picked up an Eckhart Tolle book to read and review then put it back in my cupboard when I saw the tiny print!  That will have to come back out when I’m not feeling so lazy.

As someone who has been working in the spiritual field for 20 years I have to say I didn’t glean a huge amount of new information from this book…I kind of knew this message already BUT I did love the way the message was conveyed and therefore I still enjoyed the read and didn’t feel like I was wasting my time.  I have also recommended it to a few of my newer students just coming into the spiritual world because it is so beautifully written.  I would also recommend it to more experienced students who lack self-confidence and self-esteem or find it difficult to express/be their authentic self.


I liked the exercises in the book and will be using some of these questions in my Reiki Shares with students as a way to process, heal and develop. Questions such as

“Next time you are faced with a decision ask yourself this question:

Which solution lights me up?”

These kind of questions are really good when working with shamanic core processing.  I advise readers get a beautiful journal that sings to them and work through the questions in the book.

“The Quieter you become,

the more you are able to hear”.


This is one of the quotes in the book along with other numerous well known spiritual writers.  I have used resources suggested in the book like the music list.  I was happy to find all the artists on Amazon Prime Music so if you are a Prime member you will have access to it.  One of my favourite finds was Jai Jagdeesh – check her out!  I haven’t accessed any of the meditations on her website yet, there is a free light sourcing meditation you can download but I already got the idea of that through the podcast.



So to summarise I would recommend this book, even if like myself you are not afraid to shine your Light and have been doing it for a while now.  You will still enjoy the read and I think it is a good lesson in HOW TO write a good book.  I am now going to start on her follow up book Rise Sister Rise.  I am hoping there isn’t much repetition which I find can happen with a lot of further books.  Look out for that review…


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