Munay Ki – access all areas!

So I hear you cry what’s this Munay Ki all about?

(I like to pronounce it Moon eye Key btw)

Well I only began my Munay Ki journey in 2014, it has been available to the public since 2007 through Alberto Villoldo and.The Four Winds Society.  I trained with the Dizzy Dryad and Dandelions and Dryads lady herself Karen, a true Earthkeeper if ever I saw one.

After running 4 sessions now and passing on the rites (not passed the 9th one on yet) I now feel in a position to write a blog about this beautiful energy system.  Here are a few pointers:


not Reiki or like any other energy system I have come across

not a system to further your business career, you are encouraged to pass the rites on at a fair fee, enough to make it available to all, make it sacred, worthy and “valuable” and pay for your time and skill set. I will be donating some of my fees to charity.

for true self development

feels like a Rite of Passage (for me anyway)

is deep

requires motivation, discipline and commitment (don’t let that comment put you off)

a valuable tool for healing yourself

likely to add to your skill set when working with others

not for someone who likes to be spoon fed

simply fascinating


The Munay Ki is a system Alberto Villoldo has produced from being shown the Rites from his work with the peoples of the Andes and the Amazon. You can see more about his thoughts at Munay-Ki.


The Rites are passed on from Mentor to protégé.  There are a 9 rites in total.  Different mentors will present and give the Rites differently.  Some will fast track in a weekend, personally I like to space them over 9 months – that’s just what feels right for me as a mentor.

I have been rewarded with very wise and knowledgeable protégé.  My groups are giving me valuable insights on how they feel after the Rites.  This only comes from self-awareness! Most are reporting they feel hugely protected by the Bands of Power and I too noticed a huge difference after this Rite.  My group yesterday all felt a strong connection with one of the different Lineage groups.  I have come to realise that I have a strong connection to the Daykeepers or as I put it “the ones who get it done!”.

For me Munay Ki is not for the newbie.  I feel the more self aware you are the more you will gain from Munay Ki. I think some experience in self development, energy therapies, shamanic healing is extremely important coming into the Rites.  This is just my opinion.


Munay Ki helps you evolve to a homo-luminous being, a stage that would take many lives to evolve to is quickened into this lifetime.  Now lets get this straight – taking the Rites has nothing to do with Ego, in fact the opposite.  I do not walk around with a T-Shirt saying “I am Homo-Luminous, Get with the Programme!”.

Taking the Rites with a beautiful group of Souls makes for a magical experience.  I provide a comfortable, peaceful and supportive environment AND importantly AFTERCARE.

My next new group will be starting their first set of Rites on the 21 May 2016 – if you are interested click here for the Facebook event or click here for my webpage.

I have a closed facebook group especially to support all those I have personally mentored.


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This is my first official blog with this WordPress malarkey, I hope you enjoyed.

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