Alpaca Healing and Experience Journey

JOY WARNING – this post is going to make you smile!

Last year I started researching alpaca’s after meeting whistling duck alpacas at a WI event.  Yes there are all sorts of things going on in those WI functions!! I’ve always been drawn to these fuzzy furries, maybe because of my past life connection in Peru but I just knew I wanted to explore them more.  I contacted Leigh and we arranged a group organised by myself to go down to the farm and have a 2 hour alpaca “experience” followed by an afternoon of tuning into the alpaca spirit medicine at my home aka Reiki Star Sanctuary.

For those of you who aren’t aware of the term animal spirit medicine I will give a brief explanation. In Shamanism all animals have a powerful “medicine”.  We can access our animal spirit guides to heal, to guide us on our path, to help us manifest and to protect.  We honour our animal spirit guides in whichever form we deem appropriate. Pictures on our walls, statues, jewellery, tattoo’s.  We can access this medicine by calling on our own animal guides or asking for help from a specific animal.  We can see/feel them in meditation/healing/dreamtime.  Even out in the 3D world!

Leigh educated us about alpaca and I found out some extremely interesting facts about their wool in particular.  My next luxury buy is an alpaca pillow!  So far I have an alpaca wool scarf and my hubby has the socks.  Toastie warm. These animals are very sensitive.  You need to stay calm and relaxed in their presence as they pick up on anxiety and excitement and they get a little spooked. An excited squeal makes them back off.  Once you’ve tuned into their calming vibration it seems to loop and you just float in a sense of peace around them.

Alpaca were almost wiped out by the Europeans when they conquered Peru.  It wasn’t until the European Royal families started to prize the luxuriousness of alpaca wool that the Peruvians were encouraged to rebuild their Alpaca flocks.

Rosie Dimples and Wood Nymph are the best of friends.  Alpaca are sociable creatures and should not be kept alone.  These 2 are the youngest at about a year old.  The love between these two was obvious and really touching.  They also make the cutest “meh” sounds which you can’t help but copy.  After a couple of hours with them you will find yourself “meh meh”ing all the way home!

Each of us got to walk one of the youngsters and they are mostly well behaved but do give a tug every now and then so you need to stay focused and stay in the moment. We got to have a lovely tickle behind the ear, oh bless I never thought I’d get to tickle an alpaca in my lifetime!

Leigh has some amazing goodies on sale you can contact her for alpaca wool, scarves, socks, pillows, duvets and teddy bears here.



The afternoon comprised of a delicious shared buffet including homemade Victoria sponge from Liz and homemade quiche and bread from Suzanne.  Thanks guys! (Don’t you just love it when people turn up to shared buffets with homemade food – taste sensation). It was a beautiful sunny day and we all enjoyed our lunch in the garden sat amongst the crystals.

Afternoon activities were crafting a shamanic rattle and making a friendship bracelet from alpaca wool and crystals.  Discussing and exploring alpaca spirit medicine.  Their main medicine is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE but they also teach us the value of giving.  To accept our uniqueness and divine gifts.  To only use what is needed. To aspire to be joyful and find our authenticity.  We followed this with a shamanic journey. I also gave out crystals to channel the alpaca medicine and everyone paired up to give and receive hands on healing.

I am so glad I followed my inspiration to create this workshop.  It was such an unusual concept I wasn’t sure who would be interested.  I had a full group and have more students interested so I will definitely be running it again later in the year.  This has certainly taught me to go out of my comfort zone when it comes to planning workshops, follow my inspiration from a higher source and follow through because someone out there including myself needs that healing.

I have to say it was one of the nicest days I have ever had running a workshop.  The alpaca had left us feeling so chilled and relaxed and some true emotional healing and nurturing had happened for members of the group.


That’s me in the heart sunglasses by the way.   Thanks to Emily, Suzanne, Julie, Liz, Dawn and Claire for allowing me to share this Alpaca Experience with them.

Reiki Star Alpaca Healing Journey, the “gold” of the Andes in the Heart of Derbyshire.

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The workshop is 9:30-4:30pm and costs £45 per person.

My name is Angela Sessions. I have been practising the psychic arts for 20 years and Reiki for 18 years.  I teach Reiki and Shamanic Healing.  I write and run workshops on crystal healing, angels, psychic development, faeries…anything that stirs a passion in me! I am an arts therapist and paint abstract energies of angels, goddesses and the Fae.  I give healing sessions in person and through Skype/distance.

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Reiki – how to make an income doing what you love



I’ve been practising Reiki since 1998 but it was only a few months ago that I got my first hands on experience giving Reiki to horses. I had been sending it out to the Universe how much I would like to have a healing experience with horses and my manifestation worked.  I had a new Reiki student Ross, owner of Rosca Horsemanship who invited me to come and see him work with the horses and give them some healing.   I had been very patient, the timing was right, the best person came forward to offer me this opportunity, I manifested it.  Many concepts to learn from going forward in making Reiki healing your dream job.

Some people have a problem with people earning from giving Reiki.  They say all healing should be free.  If I had a different job I would not be doing the healing work I am doing now – fact.  Energy exchange can enhance healing energies being given and received – fact.  Valuing yourself, your time and your skills is important for your own health and well being – fact.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion – fact.

I went into Reiki open minded with no expectations.  Never did I have it in my mind that I would become a Reiki teacher and that it would be a huge part of my life as it is now.  I was attuned to Reiki to see if it would help me with chronic back pain I had since I was a child.  Within 3 months I had come off all pain medication, that was the result of self-healing.  I started charging small amounts and did sessions on clients even at Reiki One level as I was so confident in the energy. (I also had just finished a degree in Arts Therapies at this point so had lots of experience working in a therapeutic setting).  I know many teachers advertise that level two is the “Practitioners Level” and that you should only do Reiki on yourself, maybe friends and family at Level One.  Where did this concept come from?  Dr Hayashi taught students Reiki in exchange for them working in his clinics!!

By no means am I saying that all students are ready to charge and give Reiki to the public at Level One.  However it ought to depend on the students previous experience in a therapeutic setting and how confident they feel with the energy. I have had Reiki from therapists at Level One and it is extremely powerful.  If in doubt talk to your Reiki Master.

I want to mention a few practical things about becoming a Reiki practitioner.   If you are working with the public you must have insurance.  Do your research and see who is best for you.  Think about your premises, are you going to rent or work from home?  Is this space suitable as a treatment room, spare rooms in the house are ideal.  I personally would not use a bedroom.  Keep your work separate to your sleeping space where you need to switch off.  Also your space should be accessible to disabled people.  When renting a room make sure it is in a quiet space, is there parking available, facilities?

Sacred Space is essential

You need to brand yourself as a business.  Be inspired, let your higher self talk to you, get creative.  When you do think of a name you need to check that there is no other business with that name. Register your business with HM Revenue (if in UK), you will also need to do your accounts for your business every year and send them off.  Educate yourself on self-employment, tax and accounting.

Design a logo or have a graphic designer create one for you.  A logo is important as part of your branding.  You may not have the funds to splash out on this at first but it will become a necessity.  A website, facebook and twitter page are also essential – an online presence will let people know you are out there!  I had my own website for quite a few years that I designed myself and it was very basic because that’s just not my thing!  I hired Sam from Art of the Angels to design me an amazing website and upgrade my logo.  I had help in accessing amazing images to use.  Please please do not randomly use images from the internet, firstly the images may be copyrighted and secondly its not polite to use photos without crediting the original source.  I usually have a designer draw something for me or I have permission to use photographers images or I use my own photos.  I invested in a good Canon camera a couple of years ago. Business cards and leaflets then need to be designed and printed.


Many people expect Reiki clients to ring them and book an appointment once they start a bit of advertising.  REALITY CHECK this doesn’t happen.  You can even spend hundreds of pounds on advertising, it still doesn’t happen.  Also you cannot expect to get bookings from twitter, facebook etc.  You have to be present, you have to get out there, the best way to get clients is by word of mouth.  You will have to MEET people, do talks for community groups, do some voluntary work for charities, hire a stall at an MBS event. I recommend you invest in courses or read books that will help you with marketing.  If you would like more information on that please contact me…

Remember that the market is saturated with Reiki practitioners – why should a client choose you over someone else?  The answer is – because its YOU.  You need to be the best person you can be and clients will be attracted to your vibration.  So you need to ask yourself some questions, are you in the right frame of mind to be offering healing to someone right now?  Are you healthy, do you eat healthy and look after yourself mentally and physically?  Self care is essential to being a successful practitioner.  I also recommend that you go for a holistic treatment at least once monthly, maybe you could do a swop with another therapist.

Having a knowledge not just of how to give a Reiki treatment but ethics and professional standards of being a practitioner are also important.  Boundaries are needed.  Personal safety also has to be considered.  Use your common sense.  If you are fortunate enough to be very busy don’t burn yourself out.  Channelling Reiki is not tiring, the process of giving a treatment is.  I am pretty tired when I have been mentally focusing and standing on my feet for an hour.  Also you need to think about consultation time.  As for me I have never booked one person in after another with Reiki, for me it doesn’t work that way.  I have had clients here for 2 and a half hours, they receive what they need.  That’s part of the healing journey.


When it comes to pricing that’s completely up to you.  Things to consider are, your area, your experience, your costs, the overall package that you are offering to someone.

We all have to start somewhere, remember that feeling you had when you took your driving test?  Probably same kind of feeling jumping into this.  Excitement, nervousness, pressure, willingness to succeed.  Which brings me back to the beginning





I realise there are probably many more things I could write about this subject but that’s all that’s coming out of me right now.  I hope you have enjoyed my blog, please feel free to comment and suggest what you would like to see in my blog content in the future.

All photo images are by me apart from the first one as I’m in it.  Ross took this photo on my camera.  The triquetra symbol photo was taken at Star Child in Glastonbury, I love the artwork they do with their incenses there!  My logo was created by Samantha Winstanley/Art of the Angels.