Everything is looking ROSY – my first rose quartz facial

So every now and then I love to have a little pampering….

I thought today would be an excellent day for some healing being the full moon and all.  I asked a student of mine Sharon Hanson who has recently set up her own holistic therapy business Sparkling Light Therapies to please give me the new Rose Quartz facial she has been offering.   Rose Quartz is my favourite crystal.

Heals the heart chakra.  Soothes and calms the nerves.  Heals relationships.  Provides comfort in times of grief or loss.  Gentle energy for babies and children, promoting love and self-esteem. Cools skin irritation (sensitive skin and eczema).  Connects us to the Rose Quartz community (enabling us to receive the energy of all the rose quartz on planet Earth!).  Links us to Archangel Chamuel, the Angel of Unconditional Love.  Aligns all chakras with the heart chakra so we live through our love centre and take action through the heart rather than the ego.  Plus many more qualities!

rose quartz crystal rose quartz crystals minas gerais

Rose oil also happens to be one of my favourite essential oils to work with.  When feeling out of balance just dab a little rose oil on your heart chakra before bed and let its soothing plant medicine restore and heal the heart centre.

Rose oil is exquisite!  Therefore one of the more pricey oils to buy but don’t be tempted by cheap knock offs…buy just 5 ml of pure essential oil or a really good quality rose oil blend.  It lasts a long time and is a good investment.

The rose quartz facial also consists of crystal healing and I’m pretty sure Sharon’s hands will have been buzzing with the Reiki energy as well.  Crystal healing is a therapy that uses the energy of a number of different stones mined from the Earth, sometimes man-made in a laboratory, such as pink lazurine and sometimes even from outer space such as meteorites like moldavite!  Each stone carries an “energy”, I like to see them as crystalline spirits within the stones themselves rather than just a 3D container for a vibrational energy.  These energies can help heal, cleanse and restore energies on many levels.  They can be used for healing the earth, such as geopathic stress.  For healing on people, plants and animals.  They can be used to cleanse energies within buildings and also to make elixirs which can be used on the skin, ingested or sprayed into the atmosphere.

They heal by detoxing and cleansing, restoring and re-balancing and re-charging energies.  I have been working with crystals for about 24 years now and I am passionate about them hence the enthusiasm to try this wonderful facial.

The treatment lasts approx 60 minutes maybe more depending on how long is needed to balance the chakras.  Sharon began by placing a rose quartz grid around my aura, this will have brought in a calming and uplifting energy into my aura.  She then placed tumbled rose quartz into my hands and onto my chakras.  Rose oil and frankincense products were used on my face, I have sensitive skin so these oils are ideal for me.  While the mask was working she used her pendulum to balance my chakras woah that felt amazing!  I also got a little inspirational quote come to mind while she was doing this

The love that flows through you.jpgRose quartz wands were then used on acupressure points on my face and to massage the face, neck, shoulders and décolletage.  I really enjoyed this and despite the heatwave today I’ve remained pretty serene and calm so all together a good result and my skin is glowing.

If you live in the Derby area and would like to try a rose quartz facial for yourself Sharon offers a mobile service coming straight to your door, crystals at the ready! The price is £28 but she is currently offering a promotional offer to the end of July and it is only £18!!! What a bargain.  You can also ask her for an extra “taster” 15 min Reiki booster on top for an additional £5.  Lets support our new business starters and local holistic therapists.  You can contact Sharon here.

If you would like to learn more about crystals I offer a number of workshops.  I have just a few spaces left on my angel workshops running from Sept to Dec which incorporate crystal healing and I am also running a full crystal healing 2 day workshop in Dec.

For more info check out my website http://www.reiki-star.com

And my Facebook Page here


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