How to market Reiki – and yes its ok to talk about it…

I had to write this blog after a post I read on a group yesterday with someone asking opinions and feedback on Reiki advertisements they wanted to use.  I am so passionate about Reiki that I woke at 6am today with this idea rolling around in my head and its now 6:30 and here I am in front of the laptop writing all my ideas down for you – before I forget lol!  Just to point out I am referring to Usui Reiki here with this post.

Firstly its ok to talk about “marketing” Reiki.  I know its a business word but I can’t find a better way to describe how to tell the world you are a Reiki practitioner or teacher in a nutshell. Personally Reiki for me first and foremost is a spiritual practice and then its my career.  If I finished my business tomorrow I would still continue to practice Reiki everyday and therein lies the difference.  For me its a way of life…as my sister-in-law recently commented to me “you live and breathe Reiki Angela”.  How lovely, but I do need to point out I am not a Reiki fanatic!  I think many of us have witnessed the euphoria in others or even had it ourselves when you first start to practice Reiki and all you can talk about is Reiki and isn’t Reiki the best thing ever and Reiki this and Reiki that…and your friends are like yeah whatever.  Yawn.  I have plenty of other interesting things to talk about beside Reiki lol!!

So basically yesterday it came to my attention that a lot of people are using the term “woo woo’ to describe mystical things which is fine I find it rather funny.  However many people were indicating for this lady to use an advert for Reiki with a pretty model who looks dressed like a glamourous gypsy holding a crystal ball. Eh?  What has that got to do with Reiki?  It seemed most fellow Reiki practitioners were saying to go for the natural option of an everyday relate-able lady smiling.  Yep much better.  However I rather bluntly said I wouldn’t choose any…yikes I’m not usually that blunt! I said go for a natural headshot of you smiling looking happy and healthy!

pixieOk here’s a lovely shot but I’ve got horns on ha ha.  This one is more appropriate for expressing my personality and my likes rather than advertising Reiki.  Perfect for blogs like this or my personal FB page.

Firstly if you advertise Reiki as woo woo you are only going to attract people who are coming from the more “mystical” point of view.  Reiki has a scientific basis everything is energy!  My students might think its odd that I’m writing this as I myself when teaching Reiki like to talk about crystals, angels, ascendant masters and go for a more intuitive form of giving Reiki BUT that is all natural!  Well it is if you are on a shamanic path.  I know my strengths as  a Reiki teacher are that I am down to earth, approachable and knowledgeable.  If we try to make these things look ‘out there’ and strange or beyond comprehension then we can put people off and alienate them.

sessions-197I love this photo as it is natural, it expresses the idea of transformation and the colours pop! Please note all images used are copyright.  Get yourself a good camera and click away and get yourself some good images to use for promotional material.  Again your photo, more authentic.

Branding and marketing are so important if you want your job to be in the holistic area especially as a Reiki practitioner and Teacher.  Lets go back to 1998 when I first started training in Reiki.  Reaction – “what is Reiki?”.  In 2000 when I started teaching Reiki – “Reiki is a cult/Reiki is occult”.  Mmmm how times have changed.  It now seems many people have heard of Reiki, tried Reiki or know someone who practices Reiki.  Yippee!  So you can see why I don’t like to linger on Reiki being otherworldly…it is of this world.  Many years ago our ancestors channelled energy to perform healing, perform rituals, it was everyday society and it was only when patriarchal religions started to dominate that these skills were lost.  Therefore we are just returning to what we already practised who we really are as human beings and our capabilities and potential are ginormous!

When we are providing a service such as Reiki its important to check in on ourselves,  we need to be authentic and have integrity.  A client can get Reiki from many people so why should they come to you?  Think about that.  Many people start advertising that they are Reiki practitioners, usually through a facebook page.  This is okay if you want a small pool of clients such as family and friends but this isn’t going to pay the bills.  You need to “show yourself”, show who you are.  Why you are a great Reiki Practitioner/Teacher. This can be done through contacting local community groups, organisations and charities and offering a talk and demo on Reiki.  Go to local fayres, get a stall. I do the local MBS show twice a year.  I’ve worked for organisations such as Well Women, Brook, Headway, Muscular Dystrophy Society, Mencap, Wigan and Leigh Council, schools, W.I….and so on.  Website is also essential.  Mailing list essential.  Social media, facebook/twitter/Instagram.   If people don’t know you exist how can they come to you for a Reiki treatment!!  Oh and remember practise what you preach.  Be happy and healthy (as you can be).  Don’t tell other people not to worry and overwork then do it yourself.  Eat healthy, exercise, meditate – its holistic!

Two of my logos, I came up with the ideas but got a professional to design them.

Don’t be afraid to spend money on a professionally designed logo and great business cards and leaflet.  This is your first impression to your potential Reiki client – you want it to be a good one…Ultimately you can throw lots of money at something but if you are barking up the wrong tree its not going to work.  Which is why carefully choosing your images to what you portray is important.  Keep it simple, get professional headshots with matching colour scheme (I am getting some new ones done next month). Whatever you choose edit it and edit it again, we tend to go a bit crazy with logos!  Remember we are trying to portray a feeling of who we are not a storybook.

reikistar                   My Reiki Star logo which expresses a lot about me, designed by Art of the Angels.

Now I need to stress for me Reiki and other spiritually based therapies should not be about just making profit.  I give a lot back to charity.  Currently I give £10 from every Munay Ki initiate (per session) to an environmental charity.  I also give monthly to Save the Children, WWF and Four Paws as well as fundraising for Under Our Wing Avian Sanctuary with monthly Reiki Shares and donations for feathers.  We are using Reiki to heal, we are all connected there is no separation.  You will find that as you invest in a charity and learn about what that charity does you will gain a deeper connection with animals, people and plants of the earth.  It feels good to give back

Once you have your business running and you are working with lovely manifestation again just keeping checking in on yourself.  Am I being authentic?  Is my ego coming in to play?  Am I still passionate about this?  Am I sharing knowledge and skills?  Am I promoting LOVE?


I hope you find this helpful.  The main rule is you will attract the right people for you in your business (but only if they know who you are and what your energy is like!!).  This is why the word ‘competition’ doesn’t really feature in attracting Reiki clients but please put yourself out there and think about how you want to express yourself and the way you practise Reiki.

From an authentic naturally woo woo Reiki Teacher x

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Hi my name is Angela.  I teach Reiki from my home in Derby UK as well as providing workshops on Shamanic, Crystal and Angelic Healing.  I give healing treatments in person or through Skype.  I love animals, crystals and my favourite country I ever visited was the beautiful Island of Bali. I love dressing up as an elf or faery.





The Sacred Medicine of Ix Cacao

As someone who is very interested in working with plant medicine and drawn in particular to the shamanic ceremonies of ancient Peru I was hoping to find someone that would help me by providing a cacao ceremony.

I stumbled across Peace Ravenwood on a Facebook Page.  On noticing she worked as a raw food alchemist and with cacao medicine in particular I had to contact her.  Immediately there was a lovely connection there and I booked Peace to come to my home and hold a shamanic cacao ceremony for us here in the Reiki Star “sanctuary”. The women’s group consisted of 12 including Peace and her assistant Debbie.  It was a beautiful September day and we spent most of the time in the garden amongst the plants and crystals.

img_2022Peace set up this beautiful altar and members of the group placed personal items around it such as crystals (some they had just bought from my shop!).  I provided the talking stick which was the naturally shed deer antler.

Peace and Debbie beautifully set up the sacred space and prepared us for the sacrament she had prepared the previous day.  A personal blend of Balinese and Peruvian organic raw cacao with added plant medicines to work on many different energetic levels including the chakras.

I cannot describe to you the experience during and after drinking the sacrament.  Words are a bit useless here.  We were connecting with the Goddess of Cacao herself Ix Cacao.  What I can tell you is the sensory information was euphoric….the smell, the taste, the feelings as you drank it.  I saw beautiful mandalas of bright greens in my third eye.  We sat quietly and absorbed the energy.  More beauty followed but I do not want to reveal too many details about the ceremony itself as it was sacred.

Ix Cacao is the Mayan Goddess of Chocolate, Abundance and Healing.  Part of the wisdom of Ix Cacao is to remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle of life and to just be.  Be still and go within. Taking part in the ceremony honours the sacred, and it also honours the sacred deepest rawest parts of ourselves.

Ceremony and rituals are often missing now in our everyday lives, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have some of that back?  Think about daily rituals you can incorporate into your life now to bring sacred space into your home and healing energy into your lives on all levels.

Peace and Debbie used my natural clay pigments to paint our faces at the beginning of opening the sacred space. This naturally breaks down boundaries and links us all to the energy.

The whole afternoon was a glorious time of female connectedness.  Trust, love, compassion…embodying the Divine Feminine.

Cara Amirah graced us with beautiful henna designs after drinking the sacrament that sang to us.  We named her the Symbol Weaver and I was the Temple Keeper.  Great fun to have titles!! You can find Cara known as the Henna Fairy on her facebook page here.

I have made Debbie and Peace what I call (Miranda moment there) Sacred Silks.  I think of the person or the energy I am trying to channel and then dye a silk scarf to capture that energy.  Here they are.


If you would like to take part in a Sacred Cacao Ceremony Peace offers one to one sessions and group sessions.  She also makes the most incredible cakes which are full of medicine.  I have had a couple of slices of her Mayan Chocolate Temple Cake.  Wow.


You can contact and follow Peace here.

One of Peace’s incredible cakes.  They taste delicious, they are full of good stuff for the body and soul and ultimately they are energetically medicine!





If you are interested in my Sacred Silks scarves please contact me below or on my FACEBOOK page.  I have some made up capturing the energies of Archangels, Ascendant Masters and the Elements but I can also personalise one for you.  Prices start at £7.

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Photos by myself except for the cake which is by Peace and the henna hand by Cara.  Copyright.

Hi there, my name is Angela.  I like to write interesting blogs on life in general but especially spirituality including Shamanism, Crystal Healing, Reiki and Angels. I am the proud owner of REIKI STAR and have been teaching Reiki for 16 years.

Simple Ways to Enjoy AUTUMN!

Tomorrow is the Autumn Equinox for us here in the Northern Hemisphere.  Is it just me or are you like..”wow that came around quick”.  For me this year has flew by.  I for one need time to adjust to the darker evenings.  Due to my neurological condition I don’t do to well in the dark.  Basically if I shut my eyes I fall over as my body cannot read spatial awareness so my balance is reliant solely on sight.  Take the light away, add dazzling car lights coming at you (you should see me in a disco, everyone thinks I’m drunk!) and I’m like a wet noodle walking or should that be doddering.

I also seem to get more tasks achieved in the daylight.  Once it becomes dark I like to curl up in the onesie and watch the TV or read, I don’t feel like doing housework, working on the computer or walking the dog – like a doddering wet noodle.

So this blog isn’t just for your benefit.  Its for me to recognise and be grateful for all the wonderful things Autumn brings and please don’t be shy to add your own thoughts in the comments.


  • CHANGES IN NATURE – this surely has to be at the top of the list.  Seeing the changing landscape, those beautiful reds, yellows, browns and golds on the trees.  It certainly gives me a sense of serenity and I LOVE the sound of the CRUNCH CRUNCH as you walk through the leaves.
  • OUTDOOR WALKS – on a similar theme to the point above but I find the Autumn landscape really interests children in particular.  Picking up leaves, twigs, acorns and conkers then crafting with them when you get back home with a cup of hot chocolate.
  • CHANGING WARDROBE – I am a coat and boot addict.  I love the fact that my outer wear can become really interesting as it starts to get cooler.  Invest in a nice coat, boots, hat, scarf and gloves you won’t regret it.  You will feel great when you are stepping out.  As its not too cold here in the UK you can still wear “fashion” items rather than the very practical huge coats you need in January!
  • HEALTHY EATING – this may seem like a strange one but lets get real here.  Most of us think we are going to eat well in Summer, y’know like summer salads!  Ok who ate at the pub everyday when they were on holiday and drank loads of wine?  Barbecues a plenty.  As for Winter – that’s rich food central, what with mince pies and mince pies and erm more mince pies.  Therefore Autumn is a great time to have a detox from the Summer high life living and maybe get fit before the Winter arrives.
  • QUIET PLACES – all the great hang outs tend to be quieter in the Autumn.  The kids are back at school and people are buckling down at work.  The weather is still warm enough to walk around the outdoor places with interest but quiet enough to have a serene calm.  Bliss.
  • BONFIRE NIGHT – for pet owners like myself this can be a bit of a nightmare.  My dog is terrified by fireworks and they seem to go on for a whole week.  However I do appreciate that fireworks are beautiful – wouldn’t it be great if more could be made without the BANG so we could see their beauty but they didn’t scare animals or wake us up at 1am?  I also love a good bonfire.  I suggest you save yourself some money and go to an organised display where health and safety is a priority and you are on the outer edge of local housing estates.
  • HALLOWEEN/SAMHAIN – I love a good carved pumpkin and homemade pumpkin soup.  Our neighbour (Under Our Wing Avian Sanctuary) always has their owls out in  a marquee for the local community to visit.  There are bowls of sweeties for the kids and Claire makes amazing soup with veg from her allotment.  I won’t bother making tea that night!  We decorate our house like zombie central and I just love the whole fun of dressing up, its therapeutic!  If you are in the area come and see the owls, have some soup and make a donation.  It all helps.  Of course there is a deeper spiritual meaning to this day which is a major pagan festival.  It is a night to honour our ancestors.  It is the New Year in the Celtic Tradition and a day when the veil between the dead and living can be lifted.  A good time to think about passed loved ones and receive any wisdom from them.  Its also a good time for divination for self-development and healing.  Watch out as the faeries like to cause mischief on this night as well!
  • AUTUMN EQUINOX/MABON – Another pagan festival were the light of the day is equal to the darkness of the night.  From this day the dark will overpower the light.  Its a time to look back on all the things you have achieved and enjoyed so far throughout the year, why not write a gratitude list and stick it somewhere prominent.  Also write a list or do a vision board with your future plans, this will aid in manifestation.
  • EXCUSE TO BE A HERMIT – I find that work slows down as the dark nights draw in.  Many people don’t want to leave their homes on a wet dark night to come to an evening workshop.  Guess what – that’s ok.  This is the time to start slowing down, gathering ourselves together and get ready for the Winter hibernation.  Unfortunately our culture has made it impossible to hibernate and rest in the Winter as we need to due to Christmas shopping, Christmas nights out with work and friends, New Year and January Sales.  Therefore use this time now to rest and recuperate ready for the Christmas onslaught!
  • MAKEOVER TIME -Personally I tend to lighten my hair more in the Summer months and then go darker in the Winter.  This year I’m going for a big change because I’ve looked practically the same for the last 20 years.  Autumn for me is going to be makeover time!  How about you…fancy a drastic change?

share So there you are 10 simple ways to enjoy your Autumn.


Goodbye from me and Toki, maybe we will see you on the 31st October.





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BIO – Hi there I’m Angela.  I’ve been studying shamanism for 20 years and am a shamanic practitioner and teacher.  I have been teaching and practising Reiki for 18 years and I have a degree in Arts Therapies.  I run workshops on healing, angels and crystals.  I teach many forms of energy work and I have an amazing crystal shop in my house as I work from my “sanctuary” home.  I’m also a full time carer to hubby, mum to Jed almost 11 and I am the guardian of a very angelic dog named Luna.

A Look Through the Faery Glass

Earlier this year I met an exquisite being named Jessie Brogan…

I found out about her Facebook Page The Faery Glass through a friend.  I was drawn to have a peek and I was taken back by the beautiful drawings and the warmth of Jess. It seemed she had really just started the page and now its going from strength to strength.  You can read her articles HERE as she can certainly describe what she does better than me.

I ordered a Faery Glass portrait and folio.  I was ecstatic when I received it.


It came in a beautiful handmade folder and Jess had also included a small print from her artwork on her page Sylvan Hare Arts.  This lady is one very talented artist.

I opened it to find the beautiful portrait featured above.  This is my Sidhe companion.  With the most hypnotic eyes!!

Jess knew nothing about me but the reading was very accurate.  She spoke of how you and your companion often reflect each other.  I couldn’t wait to send her a couple of photos of how I “dress up” for the festivals I attend to show how true the drawings were.  I’ve been attending Whitby Goth Festival for the last 8 years and in the last couple of years have attended Glastonbury Faery Fayre.

I am rather partial to wearing horns, feathers and faux fur just like my Faery Companion.  My lovely Lady Sidhe had so much to say and I could really see myself within her and her within me – after all we are all one.


My second portrait was my team of “Wee Men” I am sure they will be pretty chuffed they have been mentioned here, they love a bit of excitement.

IMG_1868Oh how I love the Wee Men, they had so much to say about love, life and laughter.  They echoed one of my key phrases I’ve had since I was a child …

Laughter is the Best Medicine

They are my TEAM. Again so much of what Jess channelled from them was resonating me. At the beginning of the year I did my training as a Laughter Yoga Leader because I know all to well the power of Laughter and wanted to share that healing with as many people as possible.

My plan is to get these framed, I just need to find some really beautiful “elven” style frames for them and once my treatment room is newly decorated they will have pride of place on the wall.

I thoroughly recommend that you order a portrait and folio from The Faery Glass if you would like to strengthen your connection to the Fae and your Faery Guides.  Currently they are £60 including postage which I think is a bargain for a personalised piece of artwork and the information that comes with it. I have had excellent feedback from a lady that had one done after she saw mine, she was thrilled to bits. You can contact Jess HERE.

I have always been a huge fan of the FAE and I certainly attract fellow pixie lovers!

I decided to start teaching Faery Reiki last year.  To feel an energy is one of the greatest ways to understand it.  You can read as many books on the Fae as you want BUT working with their energy for healing will certainly strengthen your connection and communication with them.

My next Faery Reiki course is on Mon 14 November 2016 9:30-3:30.  It is a one day course to Faery Reiki Master level.  There are no-prerequisites but it is useful to have  level 1 experience as a practitioner of Usui or Angelic Reiki. You can see more about this event



Photo by Si Mulgrave, thanks for the amazing background Si.

I would also like to say a big thanks to Bob Slassor who has taken some fab photos of me at Whitby dressed in full Fae Regalia I especially like the Malificent ones.

If you fancy attending the Glastonbury Faery Fayre there is one coming up on the 22/23 October and the next one is in March.

If you fancy  working with the Fae keep an eye out for further blogs were I will be posting some videos of how you can deeply connect with them.  In the meantime leave out a little milk and honey tonight and you may get a warm fuzzy feeling in the morning!  A thank you from the Fae!

PS Fae take the energy from 3-Dimensional food and objects so don’t expect it to disappear!!!???!!!

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From Zero to Hero – tales from a disabled person

So the whole energy of the Paralympics got me thinking about how amazing and inspiring a disabled person can be to someone even if they themselves don’t realise it.  So I’d like to tell you something about “being” disabled and how you really can go from ZERO to HERO.

img_20160919_111449So here I am in 1985 aged 8 with my mum. Around this time discussion was going on about surgery on my spine for scoliosis.  I had been diagnosed aged 4 and had been wearing a Milwaukee brace since then.  A horrible device which rather seemed like torture.  Thank God I didn’t have to sleep with it and I could take it off for special occasions so I could wear nice clothes.  I have a particular friend (you know who you are) who used to get me out of this contraption and fasten me back in when it was PE or swimming.   A very special job indeed!  On this photo you can just about see the rib hump that was starting to occur so to all those that ask me was I born like this “No, I looked like everybody else”.

This is the torture device lol! Mine looked very similar to this without the side straps.milwaukee-braceAnd here I am, it even managed to make it into my school photo!


Anyways as you can imagine I got some funny looks with the brace on, I didn’t even know anyone else who had one.  But I was of the age were I didn’t really notice or bother to care.  Fast forward a few years after major surgery which quite frankly was a total disaster (even though it was life saving) rods attached to spine came loose, got infected just a nightmare ride really of being hospitalised, missing about 2 years of school. Getting further diagnosed with a neurological condition.  Poor family and friends stressed and worried….and then I started to care.  Believe me getting bullied about your disability is no joke…I can’t change the way I look.  This is the way I am stuck for the rest of my life and I have to accept it, which mostly I have but every so often you get a little fed up.

So what do you think was the one thing I heard the most?  I have never written this down before or even talked about this before so I think its time…                                                               Quasimodo / Hunchback.

Well thanks a bunch.  I am much better looking than Quasimodo!

I remember sitting in a science class at high school and hearing one of the lads calling me.  The other boys just laughed but I have a feeling they probably felt bad about it because a couple of those lads had known me since I was 4 and had seen everything I’d been through.  This was the new boy at school who decided to have a go.

I remember on my first girls holiday to Turkey, every night we would go out and the young local boys would take the piss and we would shoo them away.  Not a great start to a night out.  However the older Turkish boys didn’t mind if you were disabled and were full of compliments as long as you could get them in a nightclub! lol

The most recent memory I have is on my 30th birthday night out (that’s 9 years ago so I’m doing well, maybe I’m too old to get bullied now).  I was dragging behind my group of friends and a young lad decided to shout something across the street at me.  My friends didn’t here but it put a bit of a dampener on the evening.  I tell you I was raging inside and wanted to shout some profanities at him but I kept my cool.

These are the low moments, god they are low.  For all the anti-bullying stuff out there that says “don’t care,”brush it off”…  its flippin hard!!!  At this point I’d like to raise a glass to all the carrot tops, speccy four eyes and fatties out there.  We are still here, despite there mean words we are still here and probably living much happier and more successful lives than those people who called us those names in the first place.

Obviously bullying hasn’t been my only problem but just wanted to focus on this for this particular blog.  Anyway I started to shine, I started to not care.  I got some very nice male attention…oh so I am attractive well that’s a bonus!  I also started to realise that rather than hide your disability – expose it!  People are attracted to confidence!  People want to be around those that have a self-love that says “stuff you I am gorgeous”.

img_20160919_111545This is me aged about 19 ready for a wild night on the town.  Yes I’ve got sticky out ribs but look at those fab velvet flares and I had the cutest belly button!

Again fast forward a few years and I’m a holistic therapist and teacher. I’m then married and have a lovely little boy.  Yes he is a bit of a miracle baby and it took a toll on my body but soooo worth it!  Here I am with my lovely hubby Mike (and you can check out my blog “A lesson in compassion for more on that interesting story).  I’m married, I have a baby, I have a job…just the same as a non-disabled person.  When I look in my son’s eyes any anger over those bullies just goes away because I have him.  I created this beautiful person with my husband and no sad person who likes to name call has stopped that.img_20160919_111634  Oh and I also moved away from home at 18 and got a degree because I am clever enough that missing 2 years of school didn’t stop me from pursuing a University education.


My sister says that when she is ever asked who inspires her she always says its me.  Her reason being that when I was little I never moaned about my situation, I never complained when I was obviously in pain.  Mmmm I do moan a little bit now though lol.  However I try not to complain about pain, I’m a big believer that you manifest what you bring attention to so I’d rather focus on the good things in my life and pain is not one of them.

Right now I am happy with my lot, I have a home, food in the cupboards, a loving husband, an incredible boy, a car on my drive.  I have my family.  I have my career which brings me great joy in helping people and giving them a passion for spirituality.

I didn’t give my power over to the bullies (and I must just point out that my bullying experiences could have been much worse, I think I was very fortunate).

They may have made me feel shit sometimes LIKE A ZERO

 but I feel amazing now LIKE A HERO.

Make someone feel good today, make someone feel like a HERO.


Hi, I’m Angela Sessions.  You can check out all my juicy stuff at

Reiki Star and on FACEBOOK

I run workshops on Angels, Crystals, Healing, and Spiritual Development and teach many different types of Reiki. I am really passionate about my work and making it accessible to all!

All images are my own apart from the Milwaukee brace which I took from