A Look Through the Faery Glass

Earlier this year I met an exquisite being named Jessie Brogan…

I found out about her Facebook Page The Faery Glass through a friend.  I was drawn to have a peek and I was taken back by the beautiful drawings and the warmth of Jess. It seemed she had really just started the page and now its going from strength to strength.  You can read her articles HERE as she can certainly describe what she does better than me.

I ordered a Faery Glass portrait and folio.  I was ecstatic when I received it.


It came in a beautiful handmade folder and Jess had also included a small print from her artwork on her page Sylvan Hare Arts.  This lady is one very talented artist.

I opened it to find the beautiful portrait featured above.  This is my Sidhe companion.  With the most hypnotic eyes!!

Jess knew nothing about me but the reading was very accurate.  She spoke of how you and your companion often reflect each other.  I couldn’t wait to send her a couple of photos of how I “dress up” for the festivals I attend to show how true the drawings were.  I’ve been attending Whitby Goth Festival for the last 8 years and in the last couple of years have attended Glastonbury Faery Fayre.

I am rather partial to wearing horns, feathers and faux fur just like my Faery Companion.  My lovely Lady Sidhe had so much to say and I could really see myself within her and her within me – after all we are all one.


My second portrait was my team of “Wee Men” I am sure they will be pretty chuffed they have been mentioned here, they love a bit of excitement.

IMG_1868Oh how I love the Wee Men, they had so much to say about love, life and laughter.  They echoed one of my key phrases I’ve had since I was a child …

Laughter is the Best Medicine

They are my TEAM. Again so much of what Jess channelled from them was resonating me. At the beginning of the year I did my training as a Laughter Yoga Leader because I know all to well the power of Laughter and wanted to share that healing with as many people as possible.

My plan is to get these framed, I just need to find some really beautiful “elven” style frames for them and once my treatment room is newly decorated they will have pride of place on the wall.

I thoroughly recommend that you order a portrait and folio from The Faery Glass if you would like to strengthen your connection to the Fae and your Faery Guides.  Currently they are £60 including postage which I think is a bargain for a personalised piece of artwork and the information that comes with it. I have had excellent feedback from a lady that had one done after she saw mine, she was thrilled to bits. You can contact Jess HERE.

I have always been a huge fan of the FAE and I certainly attract fellow pixie lovers!

I decided to start teaching Faery Reiki last year.  To feel an energy is one of the greatest ways to understand it.  You can read as many books on the Fae as you want BUT working with their energy for healing will certainly strengthen your connection and communication with them.

My next Faery Reiki course is on Mon 14 November 2016 9:30-3:30.  It is a one day course to Faery Reiki Master level.  There are no-prerequisites but it is useful to have  level 1 experience as a practitioner of Usui or Angelic Reiki. You can see more about this event



Photo by Si Mulgrave, thanks for the amazing background Si.

I would also like to say a big thanks to Bob Slassor who has taken some fab photos of me at Whitby dressed in full Fae Regalia I especially like the Malificent ones.

If you fancy attending the Glastonbury Faery Fayre there is one coming up on the 22/23 October and the next one is in March.

If you fancy  working with the Fae keep an eye out for further blogs were I will be posting some videos of how you can deeply connect with them.  In the meantime leave out a little milk and honey tonight and you may get a warm fuzzy feeling in the morning!  A thank you from the Fae!

PS Fae take the energy from 3-Dimensional food and objects so don’t expect it to disappear!!!???!!!

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