Simple Ways to Enjoy AUTUMN!

Tomorrow is the Autumn Equinox for us here in the Northern Hemisphere.  Is it just me or are you like..”wow that came around quick”.  For me this year has flew by.  I for one need time to adjust to the darker evenings.  Due to my neurological condition I don’t do to well in the dark.  Basically if I shut my eyes I fall over as my body cannot read spatial awareness so my balance is reliant solely on sight.  Take the light away, add dazzling car lights coming at you (you should see me in a disco, everyone thinks I’m drunk!) and I’m like a wet noodle walking or should that be doddering.

I also seem to get more tasks achieved in the daylight.  Once it becomes dark I like to curl up in the onesie and watch the TV or read, I don’t feel like doing housework, working on the computer or walking the dog – like a doddering wet noodle.

So this blog isn’t just for your benefit.  Its for me to recognise and be grateful for all the wonderful things Autumn brings and please don’t be shy to add your own thoughts in the comments.


  • CHANGES IN NATURE – this surely has to be at the top of the list.  Seeing the changing landscape, those beautiful reds, yellows, browns and golds on the trees.  It certainly gives me a sense of serenity and I LOVE the sound of the CRUNCH CRUNCH as you walk through the leaves.
  • OUTDOOR WALKS – on a similar theme to the point above but I find the Autumn landscape really interests children in particular.  Picking up leaves, twigs, acorns and conkers then crafting with them when you get back home with a cup of hot chocolate.
  • CHANGING WARDROBE – I am a coat and boot addict.  I love the fact that my outer wear can become really interesting as it starts to get cooler.  Invest in a nice coat, boots, hat, scarf and gloves you won’t regret it.  You will feel great when you are stepping out.  As its not too cold here in the UK you can still wear “fashion” items rather than the very practical huge coats you need in January!
  • HEALTHY EATING – this may seem like a strange one but lets get real here.  Most of us think we are going to eat well in Summer, y’know like summer salads!  Ok who ate at the pub everyday when they were on holiday and drank loads of wine?  Barbecues a plenty.  As for Winter – that’s rich food central, what with mince pies and mince pies and erm more mince pies.  Therefore Autumn is a great time to have a detox from the Summer high life living and maybe get fit before the Winter arrives.
  • QUIET PLACES – all the great hang outs tend to be quieter in the Autumn.  The kids are back at school and people are buckling down at work.  The weather is still warm enough to walk around the outdoor places with interest but quiet enough to have a serene calm.  Bliss.
  • BONFIRE NIGHT – for pet owners like myself this can be a bit of a nightmare.  My dog is terrified by fireworks and they seem to go on for a whole week.  However I do appreciate that fireworks are beautiful – wouldn’t it be great if more could be made without the BANG so we could see their beauty but they didn’t scare animals or wake us up at 1am?  I also love a good bonfire.  I suggest you save yourself some money and go to an organised display where health and safety is a priority and you are on the outer edge of local housing estates.
  • HALLOWEEN/SAMHAIN – I love a good carved pumpkin and homemade pumpkin soup.  Our neighbour (Under Our Wing Avian Sanctuary) always has their owls out in  a marquee for the local community to visit.  There are bowls of sweeties for the kids and Claire makes amazing soup with veg from her allotment.  I won’t bother making tea that night!  We decorate our house like zombie central and I just love the whole fun of dressing up, its therapeutic!  If you are in the area come and see the owls, have some soup and make a donation.  It all helps.  Of course there is a deeper spiritual meaning to this day which is a major pagan festival.  It is a night to honour our ancestors.  It is the New Year in the Celtic Tradition and a day when the veil between the dead and living can be lifted.  A good time to think about passed loved ones and receive any wisdom from them.  Its also a good time for divination for self-development and healing.  Watch out as the faeries like to cause mischief on this night as well!
  • AUTUMN EQUINOX/MABON – Another pagan festival were the light of the day is equal to the darkness of the night.  From this day the dark will overpower the light.  Its a time to look back on all the things you have achieved and enjoyed so far throughout the year, why not write a gratitude list and stick it somewhere prominent.  Also write a list or do a vision board with your future plans, this will aid in manifestation.
  • EXCUSE TO BE A HERMIT – I find that work slows down as the dark nights draw in.  Many people don’t want to leave their homes on a wet dark night to come to an evening workshop.  Guess what – that’s ok.  This is the time to start slowing down, gathering ourselves together and get ready for the Winter hibernation.  Unfortunately our culture has made it impossible to hibernate and rest in the Winter as we need to due to Christmas shopping, Christmas nights out with work and friends, New Year and January Sales.  Therefore use this time now to rest and recuperate ready for the Christmas onslaught!
  • MAKEOVER TIME -Personally I tend to lighten my hair more in the Summer months and then go darker in the Winter.  This year I’m going for a big change because I’ve looked practically the same for the last 20 years.  Autumn for me is going to be makeover time!  How about you…fancy a drastic change?

share So there you are 10 simple ways to enjoy your Autumn.


Goodbye from me and Toki, maybe we will see you on the 31st October.





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BIO – Hi there I’m Angela.  I’ve been studying shamanism for 20 years and am a shamanic practitioner and teacher.  I have been teaching and practising Reiki for 18 years and I have a degree in Arts Therapies.  I run workshops on healing, angels and crystals.  I teach many forms of energy work and I have an amazing crystal shop in my house as I work from my “sanctuary” home.  I’m also a full time carer to hubby, mum to Jed almost 11 and I am the guardian of a very angelic dog named Luna.

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