The Sacred Medicine of Ix Cacao

As someone who is very interested in working with plant medicine and drawn in particular to the shamanic ceremonies of ancient Peru I was hoping to find someone that would help me by providing a cacao ceremony.

I stumbled across Peace Ravenwood on a Facebook Page.  On noticing she worked as a raw food alchemist and with cacao medicine in particular I had to contact her.  Immediately there was a lovely connection there and I booked Peace to come to my home and hold a shamanic cacao ceremony for us here in the Reiki Star “sanctuary”. The women’s group consisted of 12 including Peace and her assistant Debbie.  It was a beautiful September day and we spent most of the time in the garden amongst the plants and crystals.

img_2022Peace set up this beautiful altar and members of the group placed personal items around it such as crystals (some they had just bought from my shop!).  I provided the talking stick which was the naturally shed deer antler.

Peace and Debbie beautifully set up the sacred space and prepared us for the sacrament she had prepared the previous day.  A personal blend of Balinese and Peruvian organic raw cacao with added plant medicines to work on many different energetic levels including the chakras.

I cannot describe to you the experience during and after drinking the sacrament.  Words are a bit useless here.  We were connecting with the Goddess of Cacao herself Ix Cacao.  What I can tell you is the sensory information was euphoric….the smell, the taste, the feelings as you drank it.  I saw beautiful mandalas of bright greens in my third eye.  We sat quietly and absorbed the energy.  More beauty followed but I do not want to reveal too many details about the ceremony itself as it was sacred.

Ix Cacao is the Mayan Goddess of Chocolate, Abundance and Healing.  Part of the wisdom of Ix Cacao is to remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle of life and to just be.  Be still and go within. Taking part in the ceremony honours the sacred, and it also honours the sacred deepest rawest parts of ourselves.

Ceremony and rituals are often missing now in our everyday lives, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have some of that back?  Think about daily rituals you can incorporate into your life now to bring sacred space into your home and healing energy into your lives on all levels.

Peace and Debbie used my natural clay pigments to paint our faces at the beginning of opening the sacred space. This naturally breaks down boundaries and links us all to the energy.

The whole afternoon was a glorious time of female connectedness.  Trust, love, compassion…embodying the Divine Feminine.

Cara Amirah graced us with beautiful henna designs after drinking the sacrament that sang to us.  We named her the Symbol Weaver and I was the Temple Keeper.  Great fun to have titles!! You can find Cara known as the Henna Fairy on her facebook page here.

I have made Debbie and Peace what I call (Miranda moment there) Sacred Silks.  I think of the person or the energy I am trying to channel and then dye a silk scarf to capture that energy.  Here they are.


If you would like to take part in a Sacred Cacao Ceremony Peace offers one to one sessions and group sessions.  She also makes the most incredible cakes which are full of medicine.  I have had a couple of slices of her Mayan Chocolate Temple Cake.  Wow.


You can contact and follow Peace here.

One of Peace’s incredible cakes.  They taste delicious, they are full of good stuff for the body and soul and ultimately they are energetically medicine!





If you are interested in my Sacred Silks scarves please contact me below or on my FACEBOOK page.  I have some made up capturing the energies of Archangels, Ascendant Masters and the Elements but I can also personalise one for you.  Prices start at £7.

If you would like to know more about events coming up at Reiki Star or future courses join my non spammy newsletter HERE.

Photos by myself except for the cake which is by Peace and the henna hand by Cara.  Copyright.

Hi there, my name is Angela.  I like to write interesting blogs on life in general but especially spirituality including Shamanism, Crystal Healing, Reiki and Angels. I am the proud owner of REIKI STAR and have been teaching Reiki for 16 years.

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