How to market Reiki – and yes its ok to talk about it…

I had to write this blog after a post I read on a group yesterday with someone asking opinions and feedback on Reiki advertisements they wanted to use.  I am so passionate about Reiki that I woke at 6am today with this idea rolling around in my head and its now 6:30 and here I am in front of the laptop writing all my ideas down for you – before I forget lol!  Just to point out I am referring to Usui Reiki here with this post.

Firstly its ok to talk about “marketing” Reiki.  I know its a business word but I can’t find a better way to describe how to tell the world you are a Reiki practitioner or teacher in a nutshell. Personally Reiki for me first and foremost is a spiritual practice and then its my career.  If I finished my business tomorrow I would still continue to practice Reiki everyday and therein lies the difference.  For me its a way of life…as my sister-in-law recently commented to me “you live and breathe Reiki Angela”.  How lovely, but I do need to point out I am not a Reiki fanatic!  I think many of us have witnessed the euphoria in others or even had it ourselves when you first start to practice Reiki and all you can talk about is Reiki and isn’t Reiki the best thing ever and Reiki this and Reiki that…and your friends are like yeah whatever.  Yawn.  I have plenty of other interesting things to talk about beside Reiki lol!!

So basically yesterday it came to my attention that a lot of people are using the term “woo woo’ to describe mystical things which is fine I find it rather funny.  However many people were indicating for this lady to use an advert for Reiki with a pretty model who looks dressed like a glamourous gypsy holding a crystal ball. Eh?  What has that got to do with Reiki?  It seemed most fellow Reiki practitioners were saying to go for the natural option of an everyday relate-able lady smiling.  Yep much better.  However I rather bluntly said I wouldn’t choose any…yikes I’m not usually that blunt! I said go for a natural headshot of you smiling looking happy and healthy!

pixieOk here’s a lovely shot but I’ve got horns on ha ha.  This one is more appropriate for expressing my personality and my likes rather than advertising Reiki.  Perfect for blogs like this or my personal FB page.

Firstly if you advertise Reiki as woo woo you are only going to attract people who are coming from the more “mystical” point of view.  Reiki has a scientific basis everything is energy!  My students might think its odd that I’m writing this as I myself when teaching Reiki like to talk about crystals, angels, ascendant masters and go for a more intuitive form of giving Reiki BUT that is all natural!  Well it is if you are on a shamanic path.  I know my strengths as  a Reiki teacher are that I am down to earth, approachable and knowledgeable.  If we try to make these things look ‘out there’ and strange or beyond comprehension then we can put people off and alienate them.

sessions-197I love this photo as it is natural, it expresses the idea of transformation and the colours pop! Please note all images used are copyright.  Get yourself a good camera and click away and get yourself some good images to use for promotional material.  Again your photo, more authentic.

Branding and marketing are so important if you want your job to be in the holistic area especially as a Reiki practitioner and Teacher.  Lets go back to 1998 when I first started training in Reiki.  Reaction – “what is Reiki?”.  In 2000 when I started teaching Reiki – “Reiki is a cult/Reiki is occult”.  Mmmm how times have changed.  It now seems many people have heard of Reiki, tried Reiki or know someone who practices Reiki.  Yippee!  So you can see why I don’t like to linger on Reiki being otherworldly…it is of this world.  Many years ago our ancestors channelled energy to perform healing, perform rituals, it was everyday society and it was only when patriarchal religions started to dominate that these skills were lost.  Therefore we are just returning to what we already practised who we really are as human beings and our capabilities and potential are ginormous!

When we are providing a service such as Reiki its important to check in on ourselves,  we need to be authentic and have integrity.  A client can get Reiki from many people so why should they come to you?  Think about that.  Many people start advertising that they are Reiki practitioners, usually through a facebook page.  This is okay if you want a small pool of clients such as family and friends but this isn’t going to pay the bills.  You need to “show yourself”, show who you are.  Why you are a great Reiki Practitioner/Teacher. This can be done through contacting local community groups, organisations and charities and offering a talk and demo on Reiki.  Go to local fayres, get a stall. I do the local MBS show twice a year.  I’ve worked for organisations such as Well Women, Brook, Headway, Muscular Dystrophy Society, Mencap, Wigan and Leigh Council, schools, W.I….and so on.  Website is also essential.  Mailing list essential.  Social media, facebook/twitter/Instagram.   If people don’t know you exist how can they come to you for a Reiki treatment!!  Oh and remember practise what you preach.  Be happy and healthy (as you can be).  Don’t tell other people not to worry and overwork then do it yourself.  Eat healthy, exercise, meditate – its holistic!

Two of my logos, I came up with the ideas but got a professional to design them.

Don’t be afraid to spend money on a professionally designed logo and great business cards and leaflet.  This is your first impression to your potential Reiki client – you want it to be a good one…Ultimately you can throw lots of money at something but if you are barking up the wrong tree its not going to work.  Which is why carefully choosing your images to what you portray is important.  Keep it simple, get professional headshots with matching colour scheme (I am getting some new ones done next month). Whatever you choose edit it and edit it again, we tend to go a bit crazy with logos!  Remember we are trying to portray a feeling of who we are not a storybook.

reikistar                   My Reiki Star logo which expresses a lot about me, designed by Art of the Angels.

Now I need to stress for me Reiki and other spiritually based therapies should not be about just making profit.  I give a lot back to charity.  Currently I give £10 from every Munay Ki initiate (per session) to an environmental charity.  I also give monthly to Save the Children, WWF and Four Paws as well as fundraising for Under Our Wing Avian Sanctuary with monthly Reiki Shares and donations for feathers.  We are using Reiki to heal, we are all connected there is no separation.  You will find that as you invest in a charity and learn about what that charity does you will gain a deeper connection with animals, people and plants of the earth.  It feels good to give back

Once you have your business running and you are working with lovely manifestation again just keeping checking in on yourself.  Am I being authentic?  Is my ego coming in to play?  Am I still passionate about this?  Am I sharing knowledge and skills?  Am I promoting LOVE?


I hope you find this helpful.  The main rule is you will attract the right people for you in your business (but only if they know who you are and what your energy is like!!).  This is why the word ‘competition’ doesn’t really feature in attracting Reiki clients but please put yourself out there and think about how you want to express yourself and the way you practise Reiki.

From an authentic naturally woo woo Reiki Teacher x

You can find me on FACEBOOK

My website is REIKI STAR

Hi my name is Angela.  I teach Reiki from my home in Derby UK as well as providing workshops on Shamanic, Crystal and Angelic Healing.  I give healing treatments in person or through Skype.  I love animals, crystals and my favourite country I ever visited was the beautiful Island of Bali. I love dressing up as an elf or faery.





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