Owl Medicine – wisdom from the ancestors

The OWL – sacred animal within many cultures. A vision of awesomeness! Naturally evolved to be a top predator yet under threat as I write this.

A couple of weeks ago I ran an exclusive Owl Medicine Shamanic Workshop at The Room to Breathe Gathering at Swadlincote Therapy Rooms hosted by Anne Huckerby.  I regularly run a number of workshops there where I can provide for bigger groups. (Look out for my Moon Medicine workshop next year!).  I was joined by my neighbours who run Under Our Wing Avian Sanctuary. I cannot even begin to tell you what an amazing job Lynne, Tony, Claire and Richard do at looking after the many owls and parrots they have rescued.  Most of the owls they look after were once kept as pets and their owners could no longer look after them.  They also have wild owls that have been in an accident and would no longer survive in the wild.

Claire and Lynne from Under Our Wing who joined me on the day.

My workshop described the power of animal spirit guides and how we can work with their “medicine” for healing.  I specifically focused on the owl who brings us many gifts such as Wisdom and enhanced Intuition.  This was followed by a meditation and healing exercise where everyone got to choose an owl feather as their healing tool to use on themselves and others.  We also made an owl essence to use for energy healing.  Then the really fun part – a personal owl experience!

Please note these owls are allowed to be touch as they are not used in flying demonstrations.

Everyone enjoyed their experience with the owls, I’m afraid I can’t fit all the photos on here there were so many good ones!

This really was a magical morning and it was followed by a lovely buffet lunch, craft session and sound bath.  Any suggestions on what you would like me to do at next years Room to Breathe?

I will be holding the owl medicine workshop again at my home in smaller groups with the help of Lynne and Claire.  Having the owls there really adds that extra dimension to the workshop.  By attending these workshops you are raising money for the charity as a percentage is donated.

For those of you who don’t live anywhere near me…Derby UK, I will be writing this workshop as an online course on Teachable and I will post an owl feather to you if required.  We have eagle owl, boobook, tawny owl and barn owl feathers available.  You can contact me if you would like to donate to the charity in return for an owl feather for healing purposes, craft projects or just to look at – so pretty!

img_2122Me with one of the barn owls

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Hi my name is Angela Sessions. I love to teach people about shamanism, involving animals as much as I can – check out my blog on ALPACA HEALING.  I am a full time carer for my hubby, a mum to Jed almost 11 and part time energy medicine healer and teacher.  I have been teaching Reiki, Angel, Crystal and Shamanic Workshops for 16 years.  I am passionate about the environment and promoting compassion for people and animals.

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