My 10 day detox – one spirit medicine

This month I decided to do a 10 day detox after following my lovely friend Peace Ravenwood at SUPER FOOD SHAMAN on her previous detox.  Peace recommended the Purium products which were new to me.  I have been taking supplements for around the last 16 years and am always willing to try new products and experiment.  I was introduced to the importance of nutrition in my early twenties by a friend.  Lee took me away from the conditioning of the social media to eat low fat, low calorie diets and instead eat natural healthy fats such as nuts, seeds and oils with plenty of fruit, veg and protein.  Lowering our intake of white sugary carbs such as potatoes, pasta and bread.  From eating in this way I have never had a weight problem.  I was more interested in just giving myself a really good cleanse, breaking any food cravings and cleaning my gut.

In his book One Spirit Medicine, Alberto Villoldo talks about the importance of diet and how health begins with the gut.  This is a fascinating digestable book (pun intended).  He recommends a detox but for ease I decided to follow the Purium cleanse knowing that I could easily carry on purchasing products afterwards to help with any health transitions.




I followed the athlete cleanse to help build my muscles which have atrophied due to my neurological condition CMT.  This was a schedule of 3 green shakes a day with supplements in-between (all provided in the pack).  I was also allowed 3 ‘flex’ food snacks a day and a 300 calorie flex meal in the evening.  I can honestly say I was never hungry.  Flex foods are foods such as blueberries, broccoli, cucumber, celery.  No starchy fruit or vegetables such as white potato and bananas. You can drink herbal teas but no black tea or coffee.  I also cut out all animal products and sugar.  I knew it wouldn’t be easy but it got easier as the days progressed.  I still had to cook for my family but had no problem with this.  I listened to motivational talks while I prepared their food even if I wasn’t eating myself.  On an emotional level physical detoxing does bring out some of your vulnerabilities and at times I felt a bit fragile.  I just did more meditation and gentle exercise every day.

On a physical level the results were a loss of 2 lb (remember I wasn’t trying to lose weight), a loss of 2.5 inches on my waist and 1.5 inches on my hips and a further inch off chest and thighs in total.  For me the real results were apparent the next day when I did a completely new and different shamanic healing technique on my new client!!  Villoldo says that when we clean the gut-brain connection we can more easily access our higher brains and gain the wisdom of One Spirit Medicine – the healing done by the elders of the earths tribes.

I also channelled 2 amazing meditations a few days later, one is free to anyone who subscribes to my mailing list, click HERE to subscribe and claim your free meditation.  The other is on my interview for the upcoming Heartbeat of Mother Earth Summit.  Click HERE to register…my interview on Crystals will be aired on 11th Feb at 3pm UK time but can be listened to later if you can’t catch it live.


So here I am…linking in to what I think is One Spirit Medicine.  Inspiration is flowing through me.  I am accessing wisdom with real flow and ease.  I feel joyous and peaceful.  I have continued my gentle exercise programme and I have also continued to take the Purium products, drinking one green shake (Hippokrates) a day and taking other supplements such as American White Ginseng.  I’m feeling motivated and energised and am continuing to practise new techniques on clients.


I am looking to do another 10 day cleanse starting on the 10th May leading up to a sweatlodge held by Turtle Lodge Healing in Newark on the 20th May.  I am asking anyone would they like to join me on the Purium cleanse.  I have a limited number of 50 euro gift cards available to help anyone purchase the products.  You just need to contact me.  If you decide to do the cleanse I will invite you to a free shamanic gathering and meditation every evening through the cleanse starting 10th May online on Zoom..  If you would like to join me on the sweatlodge on the 20th details are HERE.



If you are interested in starting a 10 day detox with Purium now you can visit my store HERE.  Get in touch if you would like a gift card to use on your order.

For me there is no doubt in my mind that nourishing ourselves on a physical level ultimately not only contributes to our physical health and well-being BUT opens us up to limitless possibilities and energies.  Ask yourself this question….



Thanks for reading my blog! I am Angela Sessions, pixie loving fun filled ball of love!  Now also crazy about food – good nourishing food!  Taking my health to the next level, taking my spirituality to the next level.







My Munay Ki journey – 2 years on…

I began my journey in Munay Ki almost 2 and a half years ago.  Munay Ki is a set of nine sacred rites gifted to us by the Laika people of the Andes and Amazon.  In the Quecha language “Munay” means “I Love You”.  Here are the principles behind Munay Ki


Bring no harm to yourself or others.


Be true to your word, and let your word be true.


Do not steal, not even a glance; walk your talk.


Use wisely the life force within you.


Give more than you take for nothing in the world really belongs to you.

(Excerpt from

I wrote a post last year on Munay Ki you can find it here


My journey being initiated to the rites took a year and I’ve been initiating proteges for a year now to.  I am writing this post to share a few thoughts, my own and those of my proteges on how Munay Ki has changed their energies, their health, their views on life.  It is only now 2 years on I can see the “quantum leap” I have taken and yet so much potential I still have, just waiting to be explored.

One major shift I and my protege’s have had is our priority for self care.  Yes the penny has finally dropped, we have to look after our own needs and nurture ourselves in order to be well so we can nurture others.  We need to create our own sacred space to heal so we have the energy to hold that sacred space for others.  For some of us that meant upholding and creating new boundaries.  It meant taking a break from work.  It meant challenging others and communication to ask for support.  It meant looking at our health and taking responsibility for what we put into our bodies.  If we hold ourselves sacred then we need to fuel ourselves on clean and nourishing foods.  For some of us it meant major dietary changes such as becoming vegan. For some it meant a complete career change to doing what they loved full time.  For many of us it has sparked an interest or deepened our passion to protect the environment.  £10 from every person I initiate into each set of Munay Ki rites is donated to TREESISTERS

I myself have made some changes to my work pattern, I have upgraded my boundaries.  I have made more time for self, for holidays.  I have made physical space (if still struggling on time space) to be creative.  Being creative, painting …makes me happy!  I had a full health screen and made some major dietary changes.  I followed that with a 10 day Purium detox inspired by Alberto Villoldo’s book One Spirit Medicine.  This detox had a huge impact on me, so much so that I plan to do another one in May.  The changes were physical, mental and emotional but also deeply spiritual.


The day after my detox I performed a new healing technique during a shamanic healing session with a client I had never done before!!  This is the One Spirit Medicine!  When we clean our gut-brain connection we have access to the higher parts of our brain!  We have access to deeper energies, we understand the deeper meaning of those energies.  Everything seems possible.

So in short many of my protege including myself have become much more passionate about food and how we nourish ourselves.  We share ideas on what we are making, recipes etc and I feel a lovely community of lightbringers gathering to share knowledge as we might have done on herbal medicines centuries ago.

I for one am feeling very positive about what 2017 will bring.  I’ve had some amazing opportunities come my way in the last few months including a shamanic summit interview and articles on two of my original workshops published in Spirit and Destiny magazine in the next few months.  I have been studying the healing arts for 20 years now but the last 2 years since my first Munay Ki rites have been amazing.  I certainly feel I am developing at an accelerated pace and those 18 years beforehand were the “groundwork” I needed.

If you are interested in having the Munay Ki rites please click here.

To register for the free Global Online Shamanic Summit – Heartbeat of Mother Earth click here

To find out more about the Purium products I used for the 10 day detox please contact me and you can see the products HERE


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