New online courses available soon!

At the moment I am very busy updating and editing some of my courses converting them into online courses.  I will not be teaching Reiki distantly.  I am just providing the majority of my crystal, angel and other workshops as an online version for those of you who can’t travel to me or have difficulty with time constraints.

The lovely thing about online courses is you can do them in your own time!  I will also be offering live courses that follow a weekly pattern of curriculum and in these cases I will offer a weekly live call.  How exciting.


I also wish to offer my shamanic courses as an online version.  This will probably all be combined into one long course.  For me keeping the quality of the course is of upmost importance.  Trying to keep that personal touch is also important to me so my courses will offer audio and video files.

Opening up to online classes will offer both myself and you a huge opportunity to grow and learn and I am looking forward to this journey together!

I would also like you to tell me in the comments of any other courses you would like me to offer I have not yet covered.  I am currently planning on offering new courses on Faden quartz and Spirit Quartz as well as a workshop on using Fossils to work with past lives.

I also hope to offer more faery workshops…yeah! Free laughter yoga sessions.  Art therapy and crafting workshops.  If this all sounds great you can enrol HERE for. free.  You will be notified of any new courses and any discounts.



I am currently offering a free meditation called The Well of Wellness for any new subscribers to my email list – I promise I will not send spam and your details will be kept private.  I send out a newsletter with all new info on what is happening at Reiki Star headquarters.  Links to new blogs, dates of courses and any new courses available.    If you would like to sign up and receive your free meditation please click HERE.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  Take some positive action now by enrolling for new and free online courses and signing up to my newsletter.    Its not enough to say you want to do these things you have to take the right action towards them.  I am in the process of making this happen for all of us, the creative juices are flowing!  Join me on my new online journey in 2017!



Its that space in the blog where I get to right whatever I want.  I’m a meat free, dairy free pixie who loves to sparkle and wear funny clothes.  If you make me laugh I will love you forever!

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