Bringing out your Inner Hermit

Well what can I say – what a rollercoaster ride its been since August!!

I don’t know about you but for me the energy has been chaotic.  I have been calling it “the make up or break up” period.  Here is my personal reflection of the energy over the last few months.

Full moon in Leo – argghhhhh

Being a Leo myself I found this particularly difficult.  I felt very angry (which is not like me).  I found myself wanting to stifle the anger but I couldn’t I had to let it come out in a healthy way.

From August it seemed like there was drama everywhere.  The energy seemed to be bringing the worst out in people , even the nicest people.  I think the universe was making us have a full on purge – even if we didn’t want to.  I have seen trolling, name calling, mis-assumptions, bad judgement, manipulation, envy…the list goes on.  I felt these feelings rising up in myself.   However I felt a very strong urge for JUSTICE.  That’s a word to be careful with, when does justice go sour and become revenge?  When does justice become a lack of compassion towards others?

One day I went into full blown Wonder Woman mode (wearing the t-shirt kinda did it)

wonder woman

I saw a hit and run involving 2 cars directly in front of me!  As one sped off I literally chased him in my car till he pulled over at which point I casually rolled down my window to advise him to go back to the scene for “insurance purposes” ahem.  Oh that felt good.

Concerning the beautiful image of Linda Carter above, hasn’t it felt a bit like we are breaking out of a prison.  The past few months have been quite painful as layers have literally been torn not peeled from us.  We have had no choice but to suck it up!  Its been good to see peaceful resolutions in some cases but the recent Full Moon in Taurus has been an indicator if things are going to be better or even worse.  All I can say is use everything here and now to LEARN – let it help you grow into a wiser and stronger person.  As people throw these things at you, these challenges catch them and say “Thank you for teaching me…..”  For teaching me unconditional love, patience, resilience, loyalty….


Photo by Ksenia Makagon.

Use these opportunities to learn, journaling is especially good for these challenging times.  Take time to meditate, try and centre and bring some serenity back into your life.  Read.  I have cut down my work this month, this came after a decision to have time off in December…..


Yes, yes, yes lets do it.  This is what we are supposed to do in the Winter!!!  We are supposed to rest, conserve our energy, recuperate after the hectic summer months.  Spend quality time with loved ones.  Catch up on reading, watching films/documentaries.  Walking out in Nature.  Drawing into the Creative reservoir so we are ready to unleash a whole new being in the Spring full of amazing ideas.  On the potentially more boring side its also a good time to sort out admin/ declutter, all those jobs you’ve been putting off.  Oh but you can dress your house nicely for Yule.

elijah-hail-182443Photo by Elijah Hail

I am going to walk my talk, with only 2 work events in December I am going to rest, (minus work) and play.  I am going to socialise with friends, yes lets make time for meals out with friends!  In early January after a lovely New Years stay at Glastonbury I am sure I will be bursting with inspiration to get some new workshops written.  I also have plans to have a deep healing in December (but more about that in another future blog).

So here I am asking you to consider working with the seasons (obviously we are in the Northern Hemisphere here).  As nature goes into a deep slumber lets just have a moment of rest and experience the joy and gratitude of family and the abundance, blessings and love we have around us.



Hello I am Angela Sessions, founder of Reiki Star. I strive to be authentic in life and help to bring out the potential and brilliance I see in others.  Shine your Light!



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