Spiritual Book Review: One Spirit Medicine by Alberto Villoldo

I’ve been following Alberto Villoldo for a few years now.  I enjoyed his book Shaman, Healer, Sage which has lots of detail and techniques you can use.  A definite recommendation from me to anyone interested in learning about shamanism.  I also have his book Illumination but I haven’t got round to reading that one yet.

The reason I was drawn to this specific book One Spirit Medicine is because I have recently embarked on a complete diet overhaul.  I have always been interested in nutrition and started learning about supplements in my early 20’s.  I should point out I have no qualifications as a nutritionist I always seek out advice from a professional.  Last September I went to see Anjela Charles and had a TOTAL HEALTH SCREEN.  I learned a huge amount of information from that and immediately cut out dairy and cut down on my sugar intake.  I started a programme of specific supplements (however she was pleased to say I was very balanced nutritionally which was probably due to years of good habits with what I ate).  However I knew I was a sugar addict…

Within just a few weeks I had lost 4.5kg of fat bringing my body fat and BMI to a healthy low percentage.  My energy levels improved.  I should point out here I have a number of chronic health problems including Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, kyphoscoliosis and all the not so lovely things that accompany these like arthiritis.   At this point I started reading the book and over the Xmas period I was determined to take this whole  nutrition blast to the next level.  I did a 10 day detox with Purium products which I continue to take and next week I will be starting a 10 day deep cleanse to help me detox after having amalgam fillings removed just a few days ago. Please feel free to message me for more info on the products and a free 50 euro gift card (UK only).

This book really motivated me to do the detox and believe me motivation comes in handy when you are in the midst of a detox!  Alberto talks about his own diagnosis, how he was riddled with parasites from years spent in the jungle with indigenous tribes and how he would need a liver, heart and brain transplant.  He was terminally ill.  He used western medicine to rid himself of the parasites and then the “one spirit medicine” to grow a new liver and repair his other organs.  He stands here today healthy and well.  I have to say his personal story fascinated me, inspirational, this guy was walking his talk!!


Alberto Villoldo is a psychologist and medical anthropologist who has spent over 25 years studying and learning about indigenous cultures all over the world.  He is the founder of the Four Winds Society which teaches Shamanism and Munay Ki.

I feel the book is cleverly put together with interesting chapter titles.  I think someone with no previous knowledge on shamanism could pick up this book, understand and enjoy it.  Alberto talks about the principles of Shamanism and how nutrition and environment play a huge part to our health and our connection to spirit and higher wisdom.  He points out the importance of the gut-brain connection.  As you read this you will recognise signs and symptoms of problems with your gut, he goes into great detail explaining this YET its not like reading a medical book…he makes it easy to understand.

He gives a very detailed nutrition plan that you can follow and a 3 day fasting “Vision Quest” plan.  Please take on board you need to be very careful fasting and changing your diet dramatically especially if you have a medical condition and I would advise you see a professional before you embark on this.  I know it would be very unrealisitic for me to do a 3 day fast due to my health conditions but I know I can adapt it to suit me…for now I am focusing on upgrading my body by putting as much nutrition into it as possible.  That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the occasional fish and chips!!


Alberto uses examples of clients he has worked with which I found informative.  Many of us can see our own behaviours and habits in others.  Alberto says once you change your diet, upgrade your nutrition, detox and fast you can access the one spirit medicine which has the potential to heal your body on many levels.  As I mentioned I have not done the fasting part just a radical change in diet and one detox so far but an interesting note is that the day after I finished my detox I had a new technique come to me while I was doing shamanic healing work on a new client.   I feel clearer, I feel more intelligent, like I can access more knowledge.  I feel I have clearer communication with my spirit guides and angels.  I feel that my energy now being clearer is attracting more clients and students and generally more opportunities.

I recently went to have another health screen with Anjela which showed an improvement in the things that were unbalanced but interestingly showed up a problem with my amalgam fillings, it seems like we are peeling back the layers of an onion and as we balance one thing in our bodies it will reveal a hidden deeper level of imbalance which can then be looked at.  I am now undergoing natural chellation with herbal medicine and supplements to clear my body of any harmful metals.  I have a lovely weekend at the Glastonbury Faery festival to look forward to and then its down to serious business with my Purium 10 day deep cleanse.  You can follow my progress with that on FACEBOOK.

To summarise I really enjoyed this book, its one that you can dip into at anytime for clarification and inspiration.  It also gives really good advice on nutrition. Its not an intense book and a pretty easy read.

You can purchase the book on AMAZON UK

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My 10 day detox – one spirit medicine

This month I decided to do a 10 day detox after following my lovely friend Peace Ravenwood at SUPER FOOD SHAMAN on her previous detox.  Peace recommended the Purium products which were new to me.  I have been taking supplements for around the last 16 years and am always willing to try new products and experiment.  I was introduced to the importance of nutrition in my early twenties by a friend.  Lee took me away from the conditioning of the social media to eat low fat, low calorie diets and instead eat natural healthy fats such as nuts, seeds and oils with plenty of fruit, veg and protein.  Lowering our intake of white sugary carbs such as potatoes, pasta and bread.  From eating in this way I have never had a weight problem.  I was more interested in just giving myself a really good cleanse, breaking any food cravings and cleaning my gut.

In his book One Spirit Medicine, Alberto Villoldo talks about the importance of diet and how health begins with the gut.  This is a fascinating digestable book (pun intended).  He recommends a detox but for ease I decided to follow the Purium cleanse knowing that I could easily carry on purchasing products afterwards to help with any health transitions.




I followed the athlete cleanse to help build my muscles which have atrophied due to my neurological condition CMT.  This was a schedule of 3 green shakes a day with supplements in-between (all provided in the pack).  I was also allowed 3 ‘flex’ food snacks a day and a 300 calorie flex meal in the evening.  I can honestly say I was never hungry.  Flex foods are foods such as blueberries, broccoli, cucumber, celery.  No starchy fruit or vegetables such as white potato and bananas. You can drink herbal teas but no black tea or coffee.  I also cut out all animal products and sugar.  I knew it wouldn’t be easy but it got easier as the days progressed.  I still had to cook for my family but had no problem with this.  I listened to motivational talks while I prepared their food even if I wasn’t eating myself.  On an emotional level physical detoxing does bring out some of your vulnerabilities and at times I felt a bit fragile.  I just did more meditation and gentle exercise every day.

On a physical level the results were a loss of 2 lb (remember I wasn’t trying to lose weight), a loss of 2.5 inches on my waist and 1.5 inches on my hips and a further inch off chest and thighs in total.  For me the real results were apparent the next day when I did a completely new and different shamanic healing technique on my new client!!  Villoldo says that when we clean the gut-brain connection we can more easily access our higher brains and gain the wisdom of One Spirit Medicine – the healing done by the elders of the earths tribes.

I also channelled 2 amazing meditations a few days later, one is free to anyone who subscribes to my mailing list, click HERE to subscribe and claim your free meditation.  The other is on my interview for the upcoming Heartbeat of Mother Earth Summit.  Click HERE to register…my interview on Crystals will be aired on 11th Feb at 3pm UK time but can be listened to later if you can’t catch it live.


So here I am…linking in to what I think is One Spirit Medicine.  Inspiration is flowing through me.  I am accessing wisdom with real flow and ease.  I feel joyous and peaceful.  I have continued my gentle exercise programme and I have also continued to take the Purium products, drinking one green shake (Hippokrates) a day and taking other supplements such as American White Ginseng.  I’m feeling motivated and energised and am continuing to practise new techniques on clients.


I am looking to do another 10 day cleanse starting on the 10th May leading up to a sweatlodge held by Turtle Lodge Healing in Newark on the 20th May.  I am asking anyone would they like to join me on the Purium cleanse.  I have a limited number of 50 euro gift cards available to help anyone purchase the products.  You just need to contact me.  If you decide to do the cleanse I will invite you to a free shamanic gathering and meditation every evening through the cleanse starting 10th May online on Zoom..  If you would like to join me on the sweatlodge on the 20th details are HERE.



If you are interested in starting a 10 day detox with Purium now you can visit my store HERE.  Get in touch if you would like a gift card to use on your order.

For me there is no doubt in my mind that nourishing ourselves on a physical level ultimately not only contributes to our physical health and well-being BUT opens us up to limitless possibilities and energies.  Ask yourself this question….



Thanks for reading my blog! I am Angela Sessions, pixie loving fun filled ball of love!  Now also crazy about food – good nourishing food!  Taking my health to the next level, taking my spirituality to the next level.