Spiritual Book Review – Light is the New Black

I first heard Rebecca Campbell on a podcast, I think it may have been a Hay House podcast.  I remember thinking to myself “I like what this lady has to say”.  I had clients who were reading her book Rise Sister Rise which followed Light is the New Black.  I decided to buy both and I’ve just finished the latter.


Firstly I love the cover and layout of this book.  The cover design is simplistic, it feels clean and gives off a pure energy.  The cover material is also very tactile with a lovely feel.  The pages are a crisp white with large clear font and short sections that can be read in just a couple of minutes…if I had 5 minutes spare before a client arrived I picked up this book.  I personally love books that make it easier for the reader to digest in nuggets of wisdom and its easy on the eyes.  I had originally picked up an Eckhart Tolle book to read and review then put it back in my cupboard when I saw the tiny print!  That will have to come back out when I’m not feeling so lazy.

As someone who has been working in the spiritual field for 20 years I have to say I didn’t glean a huge amount of new information from this book…I kind of knew this message already BUT I did love the way the message was conveyed and therefore I still enjoyed the read and didn’t feel like I was wasting my time.  I have also recommended it to a few of my newer students just coming into the spiritual world because it is so beautifully written.  I would also recommend it to more experienced students who lack self-confidence and self-esteem or find it difficult to express/be their authentic self.


I liked the exercises in the book and will be using some of these questions in my Reiki Shares with students as a way to process, heal and develop. Questions such as

“Next time you are faced with a decision ask yourself this question:

Which solution lights me up?”

These kind of questions are really good when working with shamanic core processing.  I advise readers get a beautiful journal that sings to them and work through the questions in the book.

“The Quieter you become,

the more you are able to hear”.


This is one of the quotes in the book along with other numerous well known spiritual writers.  I have used resources suggested in the book like the music list.  I was happy to find all the artists on Amazon Prime Music so if you are a Prime member you will have access to it.  One of my favourite finds was Jai Jagdeesh – check her out!  I haven’t accessed any of the meditations on her website yet, there is a free light sourcing meditation you can download but I already got the idea of that through the podcast.



So to summarise I would recommend this book, even if like myself you are not afraid to shine your Light and have been doing it for a while now.  You will still enjoy the read and I think it is a good lesson in HOW TO write a good book.  I am now going to start on her follow up book Rise Sister Rise.  I am hoping there isn’t much repetition which I find can happen with a lot of further books.  Look out for that review…


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Creating a Women’s Circle – TreeSisters, Orchard Grove

For the past 4 weeks I have been listening to a series of workshops by TreeSisters on creating a women’s circle that expresses everything the organisation wishes to achieve – to tackle deforestation and enhance and nurture the lives of women across the world.

I have bought the book “The Millionth Circle” by Jean Shinoda-Bolen as suggested and plan to put my heart into creating a women’s circle.  I had been thinking of doing this for a while after becoming involved with TreeSisters since October last year. Edveeje then launched the Orchard Grove sessions and the timing was perfect.

Clare Dubois launched TreeSisters and you can find out more about the organisation here.  They are launching a huge campaign in September with a new website and hopefully the beginning of Orchard Grove Groups across the world.

Clare and Edveeje both offer free New Moon and Full Moon online calls that can be accessed live or listened to at a later date on sound cloud.  These women are amazing and I have found them inspirational.  Clare has the most soothing voice ever, she could read ingredients off a soup packet and it would sound serene! Edveeje has had the most amazing experience living off the grid and super wisdom to share.

I plan to start my women’s circle on Wed 21st September 6:30-8:30 (which happens to be World Gratitude Day, International Peace Day and the evening before the Autumn Equinox).  We will be registering our circle with TreeSisters and The Millionth Circle organisation.  Who would like to join me?

Our circle will be based on Sisterhood.  Celebrating the Divine Feminine.  The Untamed Woman.  We will work with meditation, healing, arts and crafts, music and poetry.  This will be a place to share, to feel safe and to nurture and be nurtured.


If anyone is interested in starting their own circle please check out Edveeje’s Orchard Grove recordings on Sound Cloud.

If you would like to join our group in Derby please contact me here.  There will be a small charge to cover any materials used and profit will be donated to TreeSisters or our own projects.

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