Bring in the Bee Medicine for Summer Solstice

I’ve decided to focus on bee spirit medicine for our Reiki share tonight.  I have always loved working with bee medicine – here are some insights into what its all about and my own experiences with bee medicine!

Firstly a bee in itself is a miraculous thing.  Technically speaking it shouldn’t be able to fly …yet it does.  Not only does it fly but it literally rockets around with such gusto you cannot but admire it, unless you have a fear of bees (more on that later).  Bee therefore reminds us of the power of miracles. Miracles happen, ask, what is their to lose?

Bee is a beautiful symbol of abundance.  They work hard all day and their reward is the beautiful rich honey they make.  Ethical beekeepers leave some honey for the bees when they take from the hive.  We can give thanks to the bees every time we use a bee product, wether that’s honey or a beeswax candle.  Think of all the hours the bee worked to provide that for you and send gratitude from your heart to the bees of the world! When we send out the energy of gratitude we also attract more abundance!  Honey has amazing health benefits, nutritional and beauty focused. I like to take bee pollen when I want to connect with bee, this is packed with amino acids.  It is so nutritional it has been said you could live off bee pollen alone!  What a wonderful gift from these amazing creatures.


Bee teaches us about community and teamwork.  When we work together we can work in peace.  The way of peace benefits everyone on the planet.  When you are feeling lonely, isolated or lost you can ask bee spirit to help you find your tribe, your community.

Bee reminds us of the sweetness of life.  If you are generally feeling down in the dumps or even suffer from depression or anxiety you can call in bee spirit to bring more joy into your life.  Ask for its happy energy, bringing in the beautiful yellows to uplift your solar plexus chakra, the centre of your personal power, self-esteem and confidence.  On the theme of colour you can also ask for the black energy in its stripes to energise your root chakra (the secondary colour being black) to give you more physical energy and to keep you grounded.

Bee reminds us that even though we may need to work we also need to stop once in a while to smell the flowers so to speak.  When a bee becomes exhausted it is very vulnerable.  Just last week I found an exhausted bee in my dads house.  I picked it up carefully and gave it sugar water on a spoon to drink.  I was in awe as I watched it drink and then after a few minutes fly away.  We need to learn to stop and rest before we go into this vulnerable state, and if not who can we find to nurture us, give us the sugar water.

Bee is essential to the world.  Einstein predicted that humans would die out in 4 years if bees became extinct.  They are important for cross pollination and the growing of crops.  Bees are sadly endangered due to pesticides, climate change and habitat loss.  We need to do all we can to protect them.  Please do not destroy a bee hive in your garden, bees are not wanting to harm you – they just want to live and be part of their community.  A bee will only sting if it comes under threat or if the hive is under threat.  As we know once a bee has stung it will die.  This shows amazing self-sacrifice and a need to protect what it values.  If you are campaigning to protect the environment or animals, maybe a person treated unjustly then call in bee medicine to help you with these challenges.

Some people are afraid of bees, usually because they have been stung or as a learnt behaviour.  I would suggest you look at bees as a possible shadow animal spirit.  This means that bee reflects something in you, in your shadow self that needs to be faced or healed.  Is there an imbalance in your life in belonging, family, justice, career, enjoying life, believing in a greater power/faith?


Regarding my own experiences I find that bee gives me messages about what is to come or even acknowledgement of what has happened.  When I applied for Come Dine With Me (tv show) last year I remember I was waiting for the producer to arrive at my home for a video interview.  As I sat there waiting I asked aloud was I going to get through the audition process and immediately in response a huge bee flew into my patio doors literally banging on the door and buzzing loudly!  I actually told the producer about my sign from nature – I got through.  Synchronicity occurred when I found out the sound guy who I was working with all week when recording the show was a beekeeper!

Just recently I attended a womb healing ceremony and received the 13th Munay Ki Rite – the rite of the womb.  It was just as I got to my dads house after this that I tended to the exhausted bee!  Within a couple of days my friend who had also attended the ceremony was rescuing a bee with sugar water to!  It turns out that bee often visits people after they have attended a womb healing ceremony.  Bee is very connected to the Goddess.  Throughout history since the Neolithic period references have been made to the connection between the bee and the goddess.  Goddesses such as Freya, Brahmari Devi and Anatolian to name a few.

Bee is linked to the sun, happy joyful, warming and sustaining energies.  The honeycomb with its beautiful geometric shapes is a beautiful manifestation of sacred geometry and is linked to the heart chakra. The buzzing of a bee uplifts me, it feels like an OHM bee style!  It reminds us of the importance of sound and vibration in healing and manifestation.

Ive been directed to some wonderful music, free if you have Amazon Prime called Hymns from the Hive.  Here is a link to a podcast on Bee Priestesses.

Tonight I will be doing some meditation with bee energy and we will also ask the bee to channel its energy through us during our Reiki practice, incorporating colour and sound.  Why not try incorporating bee energy into your life today!

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Photos by Felicia Hallenbeck, Simon Matzinger and Thomas Jorn.



Angela Sessions has been studying holistic health and shamanism for over 20 years. She works from her home in Derby, England working with clients to help them live life as their beautiful authentic selves. Angela runs workshops, courses and ceremonies on Reiki, Art Therapies, Crystal Healing, Shamanism, Angels, Plant Spirit Medicine and the Fae.
Angela is passionate about access for all and has worked with charitable organisations to bring holistic wellness into the community. She is passionate about animals and the environment and would like to deepen our spiritual connection with the Earth so we can fully appreciate our guardianship of this amazing planet.

Spiritual Book Review: One Spirit Medicine by Alberto Villoldo

I’ve been following Alberto Villoldo for a few years now.  I enjoyed his book Shaman, Healer, Sage which has lots of detail and techniques you can use.  A definite recommendation from me to anyone interested in learning about shamanism.  I also have his book Illumination but I haven’t got round to reading that one yet.

The reason I was drawn to this specific book One Spirit Medicine is because I have recently embarked on a complete diet overhaul.  I have always been interested in nutrition and started learning about supplements in my early 20’s.  I should point out I have no qualifications as a nutritionist I always seek out advice from a professional.  Last September I went to see Anjela Charles and had a TOTAL HEALTH SCREEN.  I learned a huge amount of information from that and immediately cut out dairy and cut down on my sugar intake.  I started a programme of specific supplements (however she was pleased to say I was very balanced nutritionally which was probably due to years of good habits with what I ate).  However I knew I was a sugar addict…

Within just a few weeks I had lost 4.5kg of fat bringing my body fat and BMI to a healthy low percentage.  My energy levels improved.  I should point out here I have a number of chronic health problems including Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, kyphoscoliosis and all the not so lovely things that accompany these like arthiritis.   At this point I started reading the book and over the Xmas period I was determined to take this whole  nutrition blast to the next level.  I did a 10 day detox with Purium products which I continue to take and next week I will be starting a 10 day deep cleanse to help me detox after having amalgam fillings removed just a few days ago. Please feel free to message me for more info on the products and a free 50 euro gift card (UK only).

This book really motivated me to do the detox and believe me motivation comes in handy when you are in the midst of a detox!  Alberto talks about his own diagnosis, how he was riddled with parasites from years spent in the jungle with indigenous tribes and how he would need a liver, heart and brain transplant.  He was terminally ill.  He used western medicine to rid himself of the parasites and then the “one spirit medicine” to grow a new liver and repair his other organs.  He stands here today healthy and well.  I have to say his personal story fascinated me, inspirational, this guy was walking his talk!!


Alberto Villoldo is a psychologist and medical anthropologist who has spent over 25 years studying and learning about indigenous cultures all over the world.  He is the founder of the Four Winds Society which teaches Shamanism and Munay Ki.

I feel the book is cleverly put together with interesting chapter titles.  I think someone with no previous knowledge on shamanism could pick up this book, understand and enjoy it.  Alberto talks about the principles of Shamanism and how nutrition and environment play a huge part to our health and our connection to spirit and higher wisdom.  He points out the importance of the gut-brain connection.  As you read this you will recognise signs and symptoms of problems with your gut, he goes into great detail explaining this YET its not like reading a medical book…he makes it easy to understand.

He gives a very detailed nutrition plan that you can follow and a 3 day fasting “Vision Quest” plan.  Please take on board you need to be very careful fasting and changing your diet dramatically especially if you have a medical condition and I would advise you see a professional before you embark on this.  I know it would be very unrealisitic for me to do a 3 day fast due to my health conditions but I know I can adapt it to suit me…for now I am focusing on upgrading my body by putting as much nutrition into it as possible.  That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the occasional fish and chips!!


Alberto uses examples of clients he has worked with which I found informative.  Many of us can see our own behaviours and habits in others.  Alberto says once you change your diet, upgrade your nutrition, detox and fast you can access the one spirit medicine which has the potential to heal your body on many levels.  As I mentioned I have not done the fasting part just a radical change in diet and one detox so far but an interesting note is that the day after I finished my detox I had a new technique come to me while I was doing shamanic healing work on a new client.   I feel clearer, I feel more intelligent, like I can access more knowledge.  I feel I have clearer communication with my spirit guides and angels.  I feel that my energy now being clearer is attracting more clients and students and generally more opportunities.

I recently went to have another health screen with Anjela which showed an improvement in the things that were unbalanced but interestingly showed up a problem with my amalgam fillings, it seems like we are peeling back the layers of an onion and as we balance one thing in our bodies it will reveal a hidden deeper level of imbalance which can then be looked at.  I am now undergoing natural chellation with herbal medicine and supplements to clear my body of any harmful metals.  I have a lovely weekend at the Glastonbury Faery festival to look forward to and then its down to serious business with my Purium 10 day deep cleanse.  You can follow my progress with that on FACEBOOK.

To summarise I really enjoyed this book, its one that you can dip into at anytime for clarification and inspiration.  It also gives really good advice on nutrition. Its not an intense book and a pretty easy read.

You can purchase the book on AMAZON UK

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Owl Medicine – wisdom from the ancestors

The OWL – sacred animal within many cultures. A vision of awesomeness! Naturally evolved to be a top predator yet under threat as I write this.

A couple of weeks ago I ran an exclusive Owl Medicine Shamanic Workshop at The Room to Breathe Gathering at Swadlincote Therapy Rooms hosted by Anne Huckerby.  I regularly run a number of workshops there where I can provide for bigger groups. (Look out for my Moon Medicine workshop next year!).  I was joined by my neighbours who run Under Our Wing Avian Sanctuary. I cannot even begin to tell you what an amazing job Lynne, Tony, Claire and Richard do at looking after the many owls and parrots they have rescued.  Most of the owls they look after were once kept as pets and their owners could no longer look after them.  They also have wild owls that have been in an accident and would no longer survive in the wild.

Claire and Lynne from Under Our Wing who joined me on the day.

My workshop described the power of animal spirit guides and how we can work with their “medicine” for healing.  I specifically focused on the owl who brings us many gifts such as Wisdom and enhanced Intuition.  This was followed by a meditation and healing exercise where everyone got to choose an owl feather as their healing tool to use on themselves and others.  We also made an owl essence to use for energy healing.  Then the really fun part – a personal owl experience!

Please note these owls are allowed to be touch as they are not used in flying demonstrations.

Everyone enjoyed their experience with the owls, I’m afraid I can’t fit all the photos on here there were so many good ones!

This really was a magical morning and it was followed by a lovely buffet lunch, craft session and sound bath.  Any suggestions on what you would like me to do at next years Room to Breathe?

I will be holding the owl medicine workshop again at my home in smaller groups with the help of Lynne and Claire.  Having the owls there really adds that extra dimension to the workshop.  By attending these workshops you are raising money for the charity as a percentage is donated.

For those of you who don’t live anywhere near me…Derby UK, I will be writing this workshop as an online course on Teachable and I will post an owl feather to you if required.  We have eagle owl, boobook, tawny owl and barn owl feathers available.  You can contact me if you would like to donate to the charity in return for an owl feather for healing purposes, craft projects or just to look at – so pretty!

img_2122Me with one of the barn owls

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Hi my name is Angela Sessions. I love to teach people about shamanism, involving animals as much as I can – check out my blog on ALPACA HEALING.  I am a full time carer for my hubby, a mum to Jed almost 11 and part time energy medicine healer and teacher.  I have been teaching Reiki, Angel, Crystal and Shamanic Workshops for 16 years.  I am passionate about the environment and promoting compassion for people and animals.

The Sacred Medicine of Ix Cacao

As someone who is very interested in working with plant medicine and drawn in particular to the shamanic ceremonies of ancient Peru I was hoping to find someone that would help me by providing a cacao ceremony.

I stumbled across Peace Ravenwood on a Facebook Page.  On noticing she worked as a raw food alchemist and with cacao medicine in particular I had to contact her.  Immediately there was a lovely connection there and I booked Peace to come to my home and hold a shamanic cacao ceremony for us here in the Reiki Star “sanctuary”. The women’s group consisted of 12 including Peace and her assistant Debbie.  It was a beautiful September day and we spent most of the time in the garden amongst the plants and crystals.

img_2022Peace set up this beautiful altar and members of the group placed personal items around it such as crystals (some they had just bought from my shop!).  I provided the talking stick which was the naturally shed deer antler.

Peace and Debbie beautifully set up the sacred space and prepared us for the sacrament she had prepared the previous day.  A personal blend of Balinese and Peruvian organic raw cacao with added plant medicines to work on many different energetic levels including the chakras.

I cannot describe to you the experience during and after drinking the sacrament.  Words are a bit useless here.  We were connecting with the Goddess of Cacao herself Ix Cacao.  What I can tell you is the sensory information was euphoric….the smell, the taste, the feelings as you drank it.  I saw beautiful mandalas of bright greens in my third eye.  We sat quietly and absorbed the energy.  More beauty followed but I do not want to reveal too many details about the ceremony itself as it was sacred.

Ix Cacao is the Mayan Goddess of Chocolate, Abundance and Healing.  Part of the wisdom of Ix Cacao is to remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle of life and to just be.  Be still and go within. Taking part in the ceremony honours the sacred, and it also honours the sacred deepest rawest parts of ourselves.

Ceremony and rituals are often missing now in our everyday lives, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have some of that back?  Think about daily rituals you can incorporate into your life now to bring sacred space into your home and healing energy into your lives on all levels.

Peace and Debbie used my natural clay pigments to paint our faces at the beginning of opening the sacred space. This naturally breaks down boundaries and links us all to the energy.

The whole afternoon was a glorious time of female connectedness.  Trust, love, compassion…embodying the Divine Feminine.

Cara Amirah graced us with beautiful henna designs after drinking the sacrament that sang to us.  We named her the Symbol Weaver and I was the Temple Keeper.  Great fun to have titles!! You can find Cara known as the Henna Fairy on her facebook page here.

I have made Debbie and Peace what I call (Miranda moment there) Sacred Silks.  I think of the person or the energy I am trying to channel and then dye a silk scarf to capture that energy.  Here they are.


If you would like to take part in a Sacred Cacao Ceremony Peace offers one to one sessions and group sessions.  She also makes the most incredible cakes which are full of medicine.  I have had a couple of slices of her Mayan Chocolate Temple Cake.  Wow.


You can contact and follow Peace here.

One of Peace’s incredible cakes.  They taste delicious, they are full of good stuff for the body and soul and ultimately they are energetically medicine!





If you are interested in my Sacred Silks scarves please contact me below or on my FACEBOOK page.  I have some made up capturing the energies of Archangels, Ascendant Masters and the Elements but I can also personalise one for you.  Prices start at £7.

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Photos by myself except for the cake which is by Peace and the henna hand by Cara.  Copyright.

Hi there, my name is Angela.  I like to write interesting blogs on life in general but especially spirituality including Shamanism, Crystal Healing, Reiki and Angels. I am the proud owner of REIKI STAR and have been teaching Reiki for 16 years.